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  1. 15 Oct '09 12:18

    Come one and come all, get your Barak Obama bible cover!!

    As for the religious right, step aside, there is a new sherriff in town.
  2. 15 Oct '09 12:45
    Cover it with what true american christians use - benjamins - earned the old fashioned way by stealing from the government and the middle class!
  3. 15 Oct '09 21:20 / 1 edit
    I'm thinking of buying some of these Bible covers for members here are RHP. So far I'm thinking of buying covers for Argerg, 667joe, Rwingett, and PsychoPawn, to name a few, so that while they look through the Bible trying to find ways to subvert its message, they can do so in style while supporting their man Obama.
  4. 16 Oct '09 01:08
    They probably already have that cover. I would suggest a more decorative hood for yourself and a few extra cans of charcoal lighter.