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  1. 02 Mar '05 22:17
    Has anybody read it ? What is the basic message ?
  2. 02 Mar '05 22:25
    The Seitan Bible is all about cooking and eating Seitan I think. I, personally, am opposed to seitan. If you want the taste of meat, eat meat.
  3. 02 Mar '05 22:26
    Originally posted by Jay Peatea
    Has anybody read it ? What is the basic message ?
    that lucifer's arrival is late, that hell is dawning apon us. my gothic buddy has got something like it, but im all jesus man!!! i dont favour the devil!
  4. 03 Mar '05 23:51
  5. Standard member thesonofsaul
    King of the Ashes
    04 Mar '05 15:10
    never read it, but I do know that it centers around self-worship, nature-worship, and generally worship of things of the physical world. Very Nietzsche. There are many related websites about it and it's related organization, the Church of Satan. Not my thing, but knock yourself out.

  6. Standard member Varg
    04 Mar '05 21:28
    I have known a few people who were really into the Satanic Bible. It is absolutely nothing to do with satan in the christian sense.
    If you have spent your childhood being oppressed by christianity then i might seem like a revelation in a teenage, rebellious way, but that's about it.
    It's pretty simplistic and rubbish.