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  1. Subscriber karoly aczel
    Happy Chappy
    26 Jun '09 02:26
    i once met this guy who i got a 'spiritual vibe' off.
    we went to a strip club after he scabbed money off me to get in.
    I asked him,"show me something"
    i noticed he had tatoo reading 'devils advocate'.
    He replied,'i'll show you'
    He proceeded to engage the bouncers quite heatedly. He nearly came to blows.
    Next he said lets get out of here.
    We started to leave but as he went past the entrance he grabbed the cash register! A few bouncers and people started pointing at him and shouting,'he has stolen that!'. none would confront him physically.
    He proceeded to walk with the register str8 to the police station where he was arrested. Then someone pointed to me, about 150ft away, and a cop ran to arrest me too. I guess he showed me something!
  2. Standard member menace71
    Can't win a game of
    26 Jun '09 03:05
    Sounds crazy to me.

  3. Subscriber karoly aczel
    Happy Chappy
    26 Jun '09 03:29
    Originally posted by menace71
    Sounds crazy to me.

    yeah it was! really crazy! can't make head or tail of it.