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    09 May '02
    09 Jun '05 07:22
    The 0=2 equation . . . and Love

    For me to start to try and explain my opinion of this equation, I must write on what I understand of Love.

    To be without, is to be in Love. Let me explain. God caused Love. God is One. (Let us work from 1 "outwards" and leave the 0 for later). God divided Himself inorder to "create" Love. That is why so many Wise Men say that Love is the basis/foundation of All things. After all, we all agree that we are a part/piece of God. Not only us, but every animal, plant, piece of dust, atom, being etc. We are the Effect of God's division of Himself. "Every man and every woman is a star." Now, as a law of Nature, everything tends to want to be in its origional state if it was seperated from it. Hence we all tend to want to go "back" to unite with God. This force or gravity if you will, is what I understand as Love. Take the Big Bang theory as an example. Say there was one hell of a "dense object" infinitely small and with an infinite mass. It exploded, and with this explosion it expanded into our known universe of today. But at that instant of that explosion, a force was caused. The force of gravity. Every object in our universe has a gravitational pull on any other object in that universe. This is one of Newton's laws. And because of this force, there may be a Big Crunch one day, as Hawking puts it. And with the Big Crunch, that one hell of a "dense object" that is infinitely small and with and infinite mass, may again be achieved. So what I understand as Love, is that it is the gravitational pull between God and every single one of us.

    And because it is not always possible to Unite with God in one life-time, we tend to Love the next best thing, one another; because we see God in our lovers. So the REAL reason people fall in love with one another, is not because they make each other whole (this is an illusion, because the only thing which can make you whole again is God), but because they Love God, knowingly or unknowingly. Now considder a person who know this, this reason for falling in love with another person. This person will unfortunately never be completely happy with a partner, and will most probably never even considder of getting one! (Excluding the reason for sex ofcoarse, so he/she would get a lover, and become a spokesperson for unconditional love). This guy or girl will only be happy when he/she can find his/her True Lover . . . But, then there are those who do not know this reason for falling in love. They will probably be happy most of the time with their partner, because they think they love him or her. Then a time will come when their love will fade for eachother, and they would wonder why! Like I've said before, to be in love is to be without. What is love then when the thing loved is acquired??? So, to love the Thing Most High, our love of It will never die until we reach our Goal!

    Now that I've clarified my definition of Love, I can go on to explain what the 0=2 equation means to me.

    The above statement on Love rests on the principle that Love eminated from Unity, or rather the lack of Unity. As I've said before, I don't think that there can only be One thing, One self supporting thing in existence. There has to be more than one thing (at least 2) inorder to acknowledge the existence of that other One thing. After all, to define One, we have to compare that One to another thing. So in saying One, we automatically assume the existence of another thing.

    But this does not mean God (One) does not exist. This seems quite the Paradox, doesn't it? Let me explain further.

    We can say God is One, the One God, the Only God, simply because WE percieve Him to be so. There is the observer -we- and then there is the observed -God. So we can "define" God as being One, because of the duality we created by observing/believeing in God. The One will always exist so long as there are Many to support and define that One thing. As I've stated in my definition of Love, we are all a part of God; He divided Himself inorder to create Love remember? So, as long as there are pieces of God scattered around the "Universe", God, the One, will always exist.

    But what - as Magicians - are our True Goal? Aren't we trying to go back to where we came from? Aren't we learning what we can to achieve this Goal? Aren't we observing ourSelfs? Yes, we tend to want to go back to the state where we originated from.

    There are Those who achieved maximun "evolution". They can not "evolve" further unless all Beings in our "universe" are at the same "position" where They are at; so They become helpers, Guides to those of lesser "status". They are as near to God as they can possibly get. But to actually be 100% God, God has to "gather" up all the pieces of Himself which He scattered in order to create Love.

    What then, do you think would happen if we ALL evolve to that position where we actually can be God? What would happen if there are nothing/nobody left to "define" God? When there are truely One thing left? When we are all united? We can only speculate as to what would happen, just as I have speculated through this whole essay. But my speculation is, is that God (One) would go back to His/Its natural state, namely Zero/Ain. See The Tree of Life. God can be "defined" as Kether in the world of Atziluth. Or maybe it is more correct to say God is Kether, Chokmah and Binah in the world of Atziluth (The 3 in 1). And the three veils of negative existence - Ain Soph Aur, Ain Soph, Ain - is the absolute last stages we, or rather God, has to go through to complete the Cycle. Another way to define God is to say He is the Ain Soph (Limitless Light). And this Limitless Light eminated from Ain (Nothing or No Thing)

    It is interesting. The creation(universe) can be defined with the equation 0=2. But as soon as we descovered how to think and to know/believe in an existence of God; and realized we are a part/apart from God and made it our Goal to go back to our natural state -which is God- the equation changes from 0=2 to 2=0.

    They say that there are three main groups of philosophy namely: Dualism, Monism and Nihilism. But as I see it, every one of these systems are inherent in the others. I don't think they are actually seperate from each other, I rather think they are just three states of the same system. I think we all have to experience and go through all three of these "stages" before we can truely be united with God. And there is a definite direction in which these three states are aiming... Somehow they make me think of the three veils of Negative existence

    In seeing the 0=2 equation as a formulae of Truth, everything but anything are liable/subject to It. Even something as materialistic as Sex Magick! The 0=2 is a most powerfull symbol of the most High Magick we get...

    In summery, all this rabble of mine can be summed up in only 3 characters: 0=2 (or if you will, 2=0)

    - - - This opinion of mine is by no means absolute and cannot be correctly demonstrated in mere words, or rather letters! As words are a disease of Thought, so are Thought a disease of the Divine.

    Aleph Shin 0.20
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    11 Jun '05 11:02
    very long!!!!!!
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    30 Sep '04
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    Originally posted by AShmodeus
    [b]The 0=2 equation . . . and Love

    For me to start to try and explain my opinion of this equation, I must write on what I understand of Love.
    The Law of God is Love and Truth..............many people live
    by this only they dont call it Gods law........

    When your heart is gently touched, it is apt to feel loving, generous, and supportive of everyone around. If your heart is lonely, it is apt to feel deserted by everyone on Earth.


    "Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.
    Kindness in giving creates love."
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    Originally posted by AShmodeus
    ... God caused Love...
    Consider the possibility that evolution invented love so that multicellular organisms would spend some of their resources in helping to increase their offspring's chances of surviving to maturity. (This probably happened well before evolution invented the male-female sex pair, by the way.)
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