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    Biography of Muhammad
    by Ahmed Simon
    12 January, 2006

    Sirat Rasulallah - The life of the prophet of Allah

    NOTE: Muslims are generally taught a FALSE sanitized version of Muhammad's life history, which is far from the truth. This false version generally, cannot be found in the Quran, neither in the Hadiths. Interpretations are 'whitewashed' or 'stretched' to project a humane Muhammad and Allah. Blatant lies are taught, e.g. they teach the 1,189 chapters (Sura) of the Bible are all contained in the 114 chapters of the Quran - talk about common sense? This article, is basically, taken from the Quran and the Hadiths, for the true life history of Muhammad, as actually enshrined in Islam. All sura are from the English Quran of M.M.Pickthall, which is recognized by the OIC countries and the book/volume/numbers of the Hadiths are given, so that it can be checked for this article's accuracy. Let the Quran and Hadiths speak to you readers, about Muhammad's TRUE life history and character.

    { } indicates my comments (ie., the author's not spasti's). But first, for some background information.

    The Saudi Arabian Environment

    Saudi Arabia is almost entirely made up of uninhabitable deserts, with a few scattered towns, which grew up generally surrounding oases. Water {the life giver} is so scarce that Saudi Arabia, was never historically, renowned for any products of much interest to anyone, inside or outside {except for crude oil after the 1920s, its GDP of US$232-400 Billion a year today - depending on oil prices, but less than Texas Gross State Product of 945 Billion, which enabled Saudi Arabia to build some new townships and some infra-structure lately.} The desalination plants built not long ago are only for centralized areas/towns and water is still a scarce commodity. Water is so precious that it is even stated in the Quran (Sura 3:195) as something very great, needing Allah's intercession - "- and verily, I shall bring them into gardens, under which rivers flow - A reward from Allah." and further emphasized in Sura 10:10 as though people outside Saudi Arabia will jump in ecstasy at this news. In 4:57 Allah repeats this again and says further ["-and We shall make them plenteous shade."] {Shade? - How very exciting!} This clearly confirms that people, who did not see or know the outside world, fabricated the Quran. Stones of any kind were treasured because it was mainly used for cleaning the anus after defecating and was renewed by wiping it in the sand for reuse {Muhammad used odd number of stones-Bukhari V1,B4,N163}. Where stones were not available, animal bones or dried camel dung was/is commonly used. Plates, cutlery, dishes, pots, etc were 'washed' with sand (even today, where there is no water). Day-temperatures could rise to 60 degrees centigrade, and the nights dip to below 10 degrees centigrade. Because of such harsh conditions, education was never a priority and scribes were highly priced till a few decades ago, as almost the entire population was illiterate {including Muhammad and his companions - sort of "army" of thugs} Such are the general conditions of this God-forsaken place, where Islam was born.
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