1. Wat?
    16 Aug '05
    18 Oct '11 14:10
    Thailand, my home included, has the worst floods in recent memory.
    The people have pulled together, all helping to feed each other and rescue each other and each other's homely goods.

    I went to visit my car 2 hours ago. It was gone. There was a note pinned to a tree. Your car is in our garage - we lifted it as the water was getting too high. Please contact us on this number xxx etc...

    People who have boats are going around feeding people and taking medications and sanitary needs to all who need them.

    A wall of sandbags broke in my street, and an announcement was made over the estate speakers. Immediately, hundreds came all carrying sandbags and getting into to stop the break - successfully.

    If that isn't spirit and love of fellow man, in a country of atheists, then please explain why this isn't good spirit!