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  1. Subscriber sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    09 Jun '18 17:10
    So your god whiffs in an entire universe which is apparently ripe for life, makes Earth verdant and such then makes humans and tells them they are the guardians of the galaxy.

    But then to get back at some squirlly humans, kills all land animals on Earth including those nasty humans and brings the reproductive stock down to one reproducing couple for the animals and down to what, ten humans?

    This is your loving god?

    Why is it humans are the ones showing compassion towards animals?

    I don't see anything in the bible about taking good care of the animals around us, in fact condoning human slavery.

    Yep, a loving god for sure.

    Where are any words about fair treatment of animals from Jesus just in case Christians say we don't do the OT, only the new.

    What does that say about the supposed loving god who would kill ALL land animals except for a few on the ark? incuding all the rest of humanity, good or bad.

    You do realize that besides the tribe your god hated and killed, there were other humans on Earth all over the planet so given that flood tale was true, your god killed them also and they would never even have known why.

    Doesn't that make you think just a TINY bit about that plot? That oh, just perhaps, maybe, could be, the whole thing was imagined and written totally by men intent on making a scare to force the population into obedience?