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  1. Standard member telerion
    True X X Xian
    08 Mar '05 01:39
    IIRC, when all the "True Christians" are gone, we will have about 7 chaotic years left before, they return with Jesus and beat the snot out of all of us.

    What will we do in the meantime?

    For SVW: IIRC means "If I Remember Correctly"
  2. Standard member Joe Fist
    08 Mar '05 03:25
    Originally posted by David Tebbb
    Ok updated list here, some names have been added some removed after further looking in to. As for you so-called mods, have fun trying to remove all the posts. I assure you I have become most efficient in posting quickly and in getting my words into every thread possible. Hope you enjoy our game, lets see who wins, me or you ;-).

    Engine Users of the M ...[text shortened]... ut time on my hands to do this all night lol. You having Fun Yet?? Censor this biatch. Hi Again
    So you are basically a loser, right? No significant other, no life, no family, no friends....just some dork with nothing better to do. I guess this is as good as it gets for your fifteen minutes of fame, right?

    Wow, every thread? You are truly a god amongst insects.