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    Until some time, I will be posting (As “Wtyslnnn&rdquo😉 a sequential description of the contents of the book “What Took You So Long? An Assortment of Life's Everyday Ironies, Sheldon Kopp, photographs by Claire Flanders, Science and Behavior Books, Palo Alto, CA, 1979.

    This slim paperback photo book is out of print and is selling on line for ~$20 - ~$120 used. (I have no financial interest here.)

    I have posted the introduction, a story about Narada. My post can be found by a Google search on Narada JS357 so I won’t repeat it unless requested.

    The bulk of the book consists of captioned photographs. Here is the first entry.


    Photo: A live chicken is held hanging by its feet. In the blurred background is a sign saying “Dressed while you wait.”

    Caption: “Often things are as bad as they seem.”