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    11 Jul '06
    25 Sep '06 12:11
    Originally posted by 7ate9
    Your value was low. A beggar. A piece of scum. Smelly like bad B.O. Yes... That is right! You were like smelly rags, displeasing in the sight of the lord your russ-god.

    On bended knees you came like a beggar, filling out your membership form to become life anew. The lord your russ-god is a loving god, and although you're worth was small and basicly a joke, ...[text shortened]...

    [repeat and fade]
    we love you lord russ-god,
    you are our king.
    Woohoo!... that's so original, 7ate9! You should be a writer, man!... I mean apart from American Express Card promoter!