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    02 Feb '06
    20 Dec '07 15:15
    What a game! It was a playoff atmosphere.

    While I was disspointed with the loss I haven't been that emotional about Celtic basketball since Larry Bird wore the green.

    I now officially hate Chauncy Billups (which is a compliment in a way).
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    13 Sep '05
    28 Dec '07 09:36
    So why do you now officially hate Chauncy Billups now? Was it because he made the 2 free-throws in the last 0.1 seconds?

    I didn't get to see it myself but reading about this game as well as following it on nba.com, it felt like a huge game! ..especially between the 2 teams with the current best records in the league.

    The game means absolutely nothing really.. no more than any other win or loss. Long way in the season to go! But yes, a good game indeed,