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  1. 19 Nov '06 02:34
    I am rooting for the Als.
  2. 19 Nov '06 13:47
    Originally posted by prosoccer
    I am rooting for the Als.
  3. 20 Nov '06 00:50
    Not me. I wanted Sask to win since they haven't won in a while and all the rest of the teams have. I like it if every team wins at least once in recent years. Of course is Edm. is playing then I want them to win always.

    I don't like Mon. because it's always Mon. Vs Edm in the grey cup. Thus, I don't like Mon. and I'm rutting for BC.

    Also BC. is closer to Edm

    It all depends on your location, You start at you home and draw circles radiating out from your home base: Home -> Edmonton

    3.Sask/BC up to you

    Montreal is last of course in this aspect.