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  1. Standard member Amaurote
    No Name Maddox
    28 Aug '07 19:12
    There were two chants specifically directed at Mido (everyone knew what an easy player to wind up he is, and he duly obliged with some obscene gestures and a yellow card) during the recent game between Newcastle and Boro:

    1. "Mido is a paedo."

    2. "Mido - he's got a bomb, y'know."

    Which is worse? I can't help noticing that most of the moral outrage is centered around the undeniable but relatively mild Islamophobia of the second, while apparently missing the significance of the more mocking reference to the Cleveland child abuse scandal...
  2. 28 Aug '07 22:24
    The amount of money these guys are on they should just get on with the game & stop being so bloody mard-ass about a bit of name calling at the end of the day :'( GET ON WITH IT !!!