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  1. Standard member O Artem O
    22 May '09 20:58
    they are always the slowest ones to fill, just wondering do you people with those ratings dont like playing in them?
  2. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    23 May '09 05:51
    There's been some comments before, the number of players in that group is not large and they say the rating range is too broad because of that.
  3. 23 May '09 07:09 / 1 edit
    Yes. I've heard some just above 1800 say they don't want to play banded tournaments with over 2000 players. The feeling could be mutual.
  4. Standard member atticus2
    Frustrate the Bad
    23 May '09 12:08
    I do think 'open' banding at 1800+ is too low. The banding might be better restricted at 1800-1999 to avoid 2000+ players 'spoiling' the fun. On the other hand, I've only seen one 2000+ banded Octet in my short time here; hard work but a very enjoyable contest too - for me anyway, as you can see Tournament 5916

    Do 2000+ players like to enter 1800+ tournaments? I can only speak for myself of course, and my answer is: not really. It's generally best to allow players of roughly equal strength to enjoy themselves. Few strong players enjoy beating significantly weaker players - although there are obvious exceptions.

    One further point: those of us 'destined' to be 2000+ do not start out at that level. Early on, I did find 1800+ and similar banded tournaments a good way of quickly reaching my 'natural' playing level - of course, I wasn't yet rated 2000+. But now I'd not go back and enter 1800+ tournaments unless they were 'themed' or of special interest
  5. Standard member O Artem O
    23 May '09 12:56
    well thx for the input
    gl in that tourny, which i think you won 🙂
  6. 23 May '09 13:48
    Originally posted by O Artem O
    well thx for the input
    gl in that tourny, which i think you won 🙂
    Well Cinco could stil beat him by winning all the remaining games 🙂
  7. Standard member O Artem O
    23 May '09 14:46
    Originally posted by adramforall
    Well Cinco could stil beat him by winning all the remaining games 🙂
    lol, true but in my experience here ppl rarely win all the games they have to, to with the tourny
  8. 26 May '09 04:23
    I personally use to play in a lot of 1800 octects, and I have won a few as well. In my experience, the level of competition is a little tricky...players like Desertrat and a few other 1800 players who normally play at stronger levels enter these tourneys with 1550 ratings...several times I have lost to players like desertrat when they are rating 1550, while in real life he is a master level player who just takes on way to many games... So i find, unless I have a lot of time to really focus on the tourney now, I just dont bother entering in Octets... Just because you are the highest rated does not always mean you will come out on top!