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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Standard member scrumpymanjack
    Albert King is God
    17 Aug '05 22:45
    What happens if you put your name down for a banded tournament as I have just done and then a couple of victories in other games pushes your rating beyond the maximum allowed before the tournament gets under way?

    Does someone then kick you out or is it your rating at the time of putting your name down that counts? Thanks.
  2. 17 Aug '05 23:06
    Only your rating when you enter the tournament is important.
  3. 19 Aug '05 20:05
    my freaking god. I've seen this question some 4 times in the last week.
  4. Subscriber Ponderable
    20 Aug '05 05:29
    rpobably then it is about time to add a sentence to the faq??
  5. Standard member zakkwylder
    Mouth for war
    20 Aug '05 15:59
    its not even your rating at the time thats important. its your highest rating in the last 30 days. my rating is like 1070 something right now. my rating 2 weeks ago was 1228. its my highest rating in the last 30 days so i had to enter the mini banded IV 1225-1250.