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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Donation willatkins
    15 Feb '03 04:46
    If you are playing Thycotic, please do not time him out. They have started to filter RHP where he works (the nerve!) and his DSL is currently down at home.

  2. Standard member godzillion
    15 Feb '03 17:13
    Oh no! I just timed him out, and he was well ahead in both games. I had tried to send move reminders on each of our games a few days ago -- but I suppose they wouldn't have gotten thru either. Sorry, thycotic! Send me over a few challenges, and you can earn your rating points back! -- dandan
  3. 17 Feb '03 18:15
    Thanks Bill!

    It appears that is ok for now. My DSL is still down ...

    Oh well, no sweat I have made my moves for the moment ...