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  1. Donationbelgianfreak
    stitching you up
    08 Apr '02
    19 Sep '02 19:50
    When I posted I was under the mistaken belief that Vaskno was TD (I
    see mostly his posts about game scores etc.) and that it'd be him
    (her? sorry my brain's fried at the moment) who'd be sorting things
    All I was trying to get across was that the tournament isn't dead while
    some people are still enjoying it. That not all are is sad, but not in
    any way the tournaments fault.
  2. Swansea
    03 Jul '02
    17 Sep '02 12:18
    I have sympathy for all of the true chess players here. BUT
    I am sorry but the Tournament Director caused this mess. As soon as
    he resolves it I will play the tiebreak and my other rated games at my
    normal speed.
    In any civilized country you cannot just accuse an innocent person
    without proof. We have moved on since the times of ducking stools,
    haven't we?
    If he has proof about ANY of the players he accused of cheating in
    their chess play he must disclose it and RHP will support him.
    If he hasn't he must apologize.
    I repeat cheating in their chess play, IF people use their RHP accounts
    to have fun or flirt or do anything else not connected with their (rated)
    games then that is private and personal.
    It is very simple. I believe the law of libel is applicable on the internet
    but unfortunately it maybe the owners of the site who would legally be
    held to account. Nobody wants that as we would lose the one thing we
    have in common, this site.

    so lets please sort this out soon
  3. Donationmaggoteer
    The MAKIA
    a bit closer please
    08 Dec '01
    17 Sep '02 15:47
    I'll have to ask, are you jumping to an unwarranted conclusion about
    Ray, in a manner similar to how others have about you? Based on
    what you wrote, it COULD be that Ray is not moving for the reasons
    you think. However, many other events could also explain his lack of

    Perhaps Ray has gone away for a long weekend, or has computer
    problems, or a myriad other things; maybe he is wanting to take the
    game extra slow BECAUSE you two have already drawn twice.

    Unless he has told you specifically he refuses to play because of the
    allegations, you may be jumping to conclusions. Your post did not
    imply to me that he specifically told you this, just that you conlcuded it
    from his lack of play. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Also, if Ray is refusing to play you, then under current rules you would
    win the game based on the time out rules. You shouldn't have
    deleted! Refusing to play Ray because of an altercation with Dave is
    simply not a proper solution.

  4. Swansea
    03 Jul '02
    17 Sep '02 16:30
    Dear Michael
    I apologize if my wording was unclear i had no intention to imply that
    Ray was avoiding me, it is the situation that those falsley accused
    have found themselves in that has become impossible, and as
    someone else has stated the tourney is in danger of falling apart.
    For the record Ray behaved like a perfect gentleman in both 1st round
    games, and certainly held an edge in 1 of the drawn positions.
    Claiming a win by the time out rule would not help restore my
    reputation nor give any satisfaction, i want to win of course but fairly
    and using MY OWN ability
  5. Donationvaknso
    The Ambassador
    Charleston SC. USA
    17 Jun '01
    18 Sep '02 02:25
    From e-mail I received from Islanddoc:"I gave a draw to my opponent
    and will be out from there on - sorry but I started back playing chess
    to reduce my stress and provide an creative outlet. Unfortunatly I'm a
    Type A personality so the stress went up and I became way too
    obsessed with online chess. So I quit cold turkey for awhile to get my
    life back into rhythm



    In view or this correspondence, Jane (MissTake) wins the tie-breaked.
    Assistant Td Baker Invitational
  6. Swansea
    03 Jul '02
    18 Sep '02 12:42
    I hope Ray is soon back on his feet. He played as equally well as me
    over the two games
    Good luck to my next opponent
  7. Donationbelgianfreak
    stitching you up
    08 Apr '02
    19 Sep '02 10:37
    I sympathise with your position. Ray not moving is his decision. Your
    decision to discontinue the game is a form of protestation. But the
    rules are set, and if one of you refuses to move beyond timeout
    surely you have chosen to forfeit. If both of you refuse to start
    games then suerly you're both forfeit?
    I'm not trying to be harsh, but try imagining a face to face tournament
    where 2 players refused to sit at the table - if they didn't start by the
    time everyone else was in the endgame they would be withdrawn.
    You might not feel you should have to defend yourself, but could you
    e-mail Ray and get a dialogue going. Trust might come out of the 2
    of you knowing each other a little on a personal level?
  8. Swansea
    03 Jul '02
    19 Sep '02 12:03
    It has been decided now anyway. I fully agree with one point you
    make though
  9. Donationbelgianfreak
    stitching you up
    08 Apr '02
    19 Sep '02 17:33
    only one of them? Oh well, I suppose that's better than usual ;o)
    Freak - the misundertood/ununderstandable
  10. DonationDustnrogers
    Calgary Alberta
    29 Jan '02
    18 Sep '02 22:08
    ummm.........i am lost, i cant remember which tourney i am in, its
    been a while since i search the forums, but for anyone who cares, i
    just beet macca in round one, and we have one game remainding,
    but i really dont know what to do when posting a victory, or if someone
    automatically knows, its been a while since i read up on it, and i cant
    really find an answer in the forums. Should i post the second game
    when it finishes? i dont know!!

    Anyways, thanks to all, take care!

    Dustin Rogers
  11. Donationvaknso
    The Ambassador
    Charleston SC. USA
    17 Jun '01
    19 Sep '02 01:47
    I understand what you are asking. You joined the Baker
    Invitational tournament. From monitoring the moves made, I
    gathered that you had not made a move in the required time and I
    declared your game timeout wins for Mecca. I never got your e-mail
    address and was not able to write you. I know we are playing non-
    tournament games and I never asked.
    If I made a mistake I'll be glad to review the situation and
    correct it. Please help me with this by sending me a copy of your
    game with date and time annotations, and ask Mecca to do the same.

    Assistant Td Baker Invitational
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