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  1. Donationmaggoteer
    The MAKIA
    a bit closer please
    08 Dec '01
    18 Oct '02 08:29
    Yo Dave!
    Check out if I've got the correct set of pairings for the remaining
    rounds of the top 3 divisions. top and 1500 should be correct (no
    other way of doing it), but did I set it up correctly for the 1600
    division? IE does the winner of the bessyboo/koos games get the bye
    in the next round?

    Let me know whether it's correct or not. If so, I'd like to complete the
    remaining divisions. That would require you (or someone who knows!)
    telling me what the series of byes are in the remaining rounds - I
    can't figure that out myself.

    It takes a lot less time if I can do this all at once, rather than piecing
    it together slowly. And if I don't get it done over this weekend, it ain't
    gonna get done for a very long time.....
  2. Joined
    01 Dec '01
    18 Oct '02 10:32
    since Dave refers to your site to check that the pairings in the different groups for round 2 are consistent, can you answer me this
    question, so that I and everybody understand how it is done:

    My understanding is that in the top-group the pairing has been made (taking a bye as a match too):
    winner match 1 against w/match 2 (match 1 was a bye)
    winner match 3 against w/match 4

    In the 1400 group, this looks similar
    winner match 1 against w/match 2 (match 1 was a bye)
    winner match 3 against w/match 4
    winner match 5 against w/match 6

    Is this how it has been done? Thanks.

  3. Donationmaggoteer
    The MAKIA
    a bit closer please
    08 Dec '01
    18 Oct '02 23:21
    Actually, I'm confused too!
    I think you are right - and I assume Dave means the pairings will be
    in order "down the page" in a grouping. I take it the current groupings
    are "in order", ie there isn't going to be hopping around within a
    division. This is simple enough if the number of players in a division is
    a power of 2.

    Where I'm confused is, when it's an odd number in a given round, who
    gets the bye - top or bottom. I got the impression from Dave's posts
    here that it switches between top ranked and bottom ranked between
    rounds, but I'm not certain. The 1300 division, for instance, confuses
    the daylights out of me, as it will have to have a series of byes. As I
    understand it, winner in match 1 (me! hooray!) gets a bye this round.
    Then the winner of the lowest round gets the bye in the next round?
    And so forth - but I'm not certain - Dave needs to clarify that for me -
    or us 🙂.

    Part of the problem has been the scheme would be easier for dave to
    draw than to verbally describe to me, so initially I was just waiting for
    him to list the pairings each round, and then I'd add them. I also
    know he/we didn't want to add the future pairings because people
    would start games before they are supposed to - human nature in all
    its enthusiasm, and that would have become a nightmare for Dave,
    John, and the other TDs.

    Unfortunately, life has gotten busy for me, so I no longer have time
    to wait and work on the tables each round - it's much harder to edit
    and modify the topology of the tables than it is to do them from
    scratch. I have to build the topology by hand, which requires figuring
    out which elements in a large html table have entries, or grey bars,
    etc. Having only a protosimian level of intelligence, it takes me a long
    time to edit this. Once the topology is there, life is easy - entering
    new gameIDs into the tables only takes a minute, and updating game
    results is automatic.

    OK, I'm done whining!
  4. Joined
    16 Feb '02
    18 Oct '02 23:35
    No comment,just going to bed(with a smile so wide{ o })
  5. DonationLuck
    St Maarten, Neth Ant
    21 Jun '02
    18 Oct '02 23:40
    Read your e-mail!

    Harri / Luck
  6. Joined
    01 Dec '01
    22 Oct '02 15:50
    any news yet, Michael? It seems it is very complicated.

    The point is that not only the top group or the 1400 group second
    round pairing is unclear (eufemism), but all other pairings for the
    second round and the next rounds as well. At least for you and me.
    Pairing for a round according to names rather than rules is
    unacceptable, everybody will agree with that. So, they should be
    published before the end of the previous round.
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