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    21 Jun '06
    20 May '16 16:05
    I have posted this before. - In my point of view. It is critical - to make people staing, playing on this site.

    Raising my hand for NEED FOR more moderation of 'tournaments page'. For a 'better' tournament page.
    I have feldt the need for : More moderation of the 'tournaments page'. For a looong time. Now there is not much use in entering a tournament past page 2 on the tournament page.


    Those tournaments on page 3 and more. will TAKE FOREVER UNTIL STARTED.

    There is NO POINT in this. We have to raise our voices to make an end of this folly.

    This is the kind of tournament i would like to have deleted (as a start): On page 5 of tounament page. '2010 November'. Club tournament. No one in that club has moved for OVER FIVE YEARS TIME. No one has entered this tounament. EASY DECISION. Delete it of course.


    New tournaments created means this (from my point of view). More average time for a tournament to start.

    Someone need to moderate this folly. To delete tournaments. There is of course NEED FOR RULES, guidelines, of how this 'deletion' would be done.
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    20 Jan '09
    22 May '16 08:151 edit
    I'm a bit puzzled by this. When I click on Tournaments I get a listing of "All Public Tournaments" which has all the open tournaments at the top (they usually don't even fill page 1). I wouldn't ever use any of the other formats unless I was looking for a particular private tournament. Even then, if I know the club or clan who owns it, I can go to their tournament page or home page and see what's available. I'm aware that there are a large number of inactive clubs and some offered tournaments go back several years, but that kind of housekeeping is pretty low on the programmer priority list because it's only visible if you're digging for it.

    I'll agree that navigating around the site isn't user-friendly because of the lack of searching options, but there's usually a workaround somewhere once you figure it out.
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    22 Nov '10
    28 May '16 01:46
    just wanted to express my agony . dont take it personal.

    what do you mean MR 900 IN RATING. confused. 🙂 SORRY no harm.