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  1. DonationRhymester
    and RedHotTed
    Red Hot Rebel Clan
    06 Apr '01
    30 Jul '02 09:57
    Sorry to go on about this but I can't believe that Dustnrogers is going
    to be allowed to play in the 1300 ranking group in the tourney.

    I take on board all that's been said but in this instance I'm convinced
    that this player has manipulated his own rating in order to be a big
    fish in a little pond.

    OK, he's been unlucky enough to lose a lot of games through move
    timeouts which gave his rating a real battering. Having said that he
    does have 141 games on the go as we speak so it's hardly surprising.

    His current rating is 1423

    For example, these games were completed just AFTER his Tourney
    entry had been logged and his rating increased by over a hundred in a
    day. He could just as easily completed them before entering.

    95770 & 95771 were both resignations after 3 moves by Nikki Rogers -
    not Dustin's brother by any chance?

    95781 & 95785 were move time outs against Markcardis and Ronster -
    both games having only 3 moves made in each.

    If you're reading this Dustnrogers can you put us straight about this -
    and which rating group do you think you belong in?

  2. Joined
    13 Aug '01
    30 Jul '02 12:54
    I played him during his initial rise before his timeouts. I have been
    stable between 1500 and 1550 for a few months now and he beat me.
    I wouldn't say he outclassed me but he should clearly be at least 1500
    as you say. Can't really understand him wanting to go in the 1300s.
  3. Joined
    15 Feb '02
    30 Jul '02 17:07
    I'm playing three games with him now. It will be 2 wins and one draw.
    I have beaten him when he was unexperienced players and I have
    beaten him on gameknot. He playes solid but tend to place himself in
    inferior positions by slowly weaken his position.

    He should definetly be a 1500 but not more. There are a couple of
    1400's that can outweigh him but not many.

    So why not let him keep his pathetic act.

    I should be in the 1600's but I'm not, yet. There are several players
    not having the rating they should have.

    I think the tournament should take this because it will always appear
    underrated players.

    In dustinrogers case, on gameknot also, he played himself a lot but
    was a fairly good player, not more.

    Regards, Nils (currently 1467).
  4. Donationtenebr8
    Lord of the Air
    Rock City
    04 Jan '02
    30 Jul '02 17:55
    Arrogance is one thing-- putting down another player is another. What
    is accomplished by calling Dustnrogers "a pathetic act"? Does that
    make you feel better about yourself somehow? THAT is pathetic, in
    my opinion. Let your chess-playing ability do your talking for you--
    every time you post, you make yourself look more foolish. If you are
    as good as you say you are, then it will show in time.

    Shut up and play chess-- that should be the new motto for RHP.
    The Dark Squire
  5. DonationGburl
    The Elder
    04 Apr '02
    30 Jul '02 20:14
    Good for you, tell it the way it is Tim. We are here to play chess. I'm
    in the 1200 group but will be up there one of these days. Peace for
    The Elder
  6. Standard memberSchliemann
    The Diplomat
    Slightly Left :D
    22 Jun '01
    30 Jul '02 20:49
    Well put both of you!!

    Nice title Gene...I like it!

    Never got to talk to you about wood...I am a hobbyist knifemaker and
    know a little about doing I know "burl" and what it
    means...we can take this into general forum and chat about it or
    through private email.

    KO TD
  7. Joined
    15 Feb '02
    30 Jul '02 22:47
    I have written a reply but, of course, it was moderated. Even my
    second reply was. All I can say is read better and you should
    apologize for your words.
  8. Standard memberSchliemann
    The Diplomat
    Slightly Left :D
    22 Jun '01
    30 Jul '02 23:39
    I will give you a chance to state you case...if some of your posts
    were "moderated" as you say...then obviously there was a reason.

    What is your point in all of this?

    I am about to post the pairings but you are making me a little worried
    about you.

    So please...tell us what you need to say.

  9. Donationtenebr8
    Lord of the Air
    Rock City
    04 Jan '02
    31 Jul '02 00:52
    Below this post, Dave has given you the opportunity to state your
    case, and I encourage you to do so. However, do not expect any
    apologies from me-- perhaps you should consider an apology to
    Dustnrogers (yes, that is how he spells it-- I do, in fact, read quite
    carefully). What you wrote was uncalled for, unsportsmanlike, and
    goes against what this site is supposed to be about, which is a bunch
    of people forming a community over the Internet with the common
    bond of a love of chess. My response to you was a statement of my
    opinion, and I stand by it.

    I look forward to hearing what you have to say.
    The Dark Squire
  10. Joined
    15 Feb '02
    30 Jul '02 20:34
    *He has played himself on several occations to inflate his rating, isn't
    that a pathetic act?
    *I just want everybody to play under the same conditions.
    *'Shut up and play chess'- sure why don't you go ahead and set an
    example? You rant around here a lot more than I do. Stop posting
    then instead of whining.
    *If you, little hothead, would read some of my posts (yes one of the
    5) you would see that one is signed with 'not to be taken too
    seriously, Nils'. That says some.
    *Chess is psychological warfare- I seem to have made an impact on
    you, which is good. It's not as good the puerile way to reply on my
    *It will show in time how good I am, yes, and you have shown me how
    far you can go in chess.

    -The Dark Squirrel Stomper, Nils
  11. Donationtenebr8
    Lord of the Air
    Rock City
    04 Jan '02
    31 Jul '02 02:09
    I appreciate the fact that you took the time to respond. Let me
    address a couple of the points you made, and then hopefully we can
    both let this go and get back to chess (although I certainly welcome
    any continuing dialogue you may wish to have with me).

    First of all, I do not know for a fact that D played against himself to
    inflate his rating-- if he did so, I do agree that this is rather sad, but
    perhaps we should let him speak for himself on this issue.

    As far as I am concerned, I do not "rant" here-- I do post rather
    often, compared to some, but I like to think that what I say has some
    merit and some validity. Everything I have posted here was, in MY
    opinion, said with the good of the site in mind. If there is anyone who
    disgarees with that statement, I invite them to say so below this post.

    And I certainly do not "whine."

    I am far from a hothead ("little" hothead?? I'll leave that one alone)--
    I simply respond with strong language when I feel that someone else
    is being done an injustice. You may say anything you wish about me--
    I have a far thicker skin than you think, and words on a computer
    monitor can do very little to hurt me. And I have, in fact, read all of
    your posts, including the one which was signed "not to be taken too
    seriously." And I did not take your bragging too seriously. I DID take
    your insulting another player seriously, and I would respond the same
    way to anyone who did the same thing. This is not a personal
    vendetta against you.

    You have not, in fact, made any impact on me whatsoever, in terms of
    chess. If we do meet in future rounds of the tournament, I will play
    against you the same as I play against anyone else. As for
    my "puerile" reply to your post-- please feel free to explain what,
    exactly, was puerile about it.

    And how have I shown you "how far I can go in chess"? That, my
    good man, will have to wait.

    If you care to respond to this, I would be happy to see it. I am NOT
    attempting to engage in a battle with you-- we are simply having a
    dialogue. If you wish to escalate it with harsh words and insults, you
    will find yourself having that conversation alone.
    The Dark Squire

  12. Joined
    15 Feb '02
    31 Jul '02 10:24
    First let me tell you that I draw a sharp line between harmless jokes
    and personal insults.

    Let's get straight down to facts:
    a, I have, with the superior system gameknot has, seen that he has
    played himself. He had about 12 accounts all playing themselves. It
    was quickly discovered there and he left. For about 5 months ago he
    came here- quickly rised in rating and was accused, correct, with the
    same thing. He timed out with all his accounts.
    b, Based on this I felt it was justified to call it a pathetic act and who
    shouldn't agree.
    c, You stepped in without having enough information and called me a
    pathetic act and wrote that I should shut up and play.

    I think your acting was too rushy without considering that I might know
    something more about the point than you did and you succeeded in
    being insulting also. I'm not having a dialogue- I'm having a
    monologue with a brick wall *pounds himself in the head for the loss
    of time*. There I have said what I wanted to say. I will now shut up
    and play chess- I advice you to to the opposite since you seem good
    at it.
  13. Donationtenebr8
    Lord of the Air
    Rock City
    04 Jan '02
    31 Jul '02 14:45
    Best of luck with your games, Nils.
  14. Joined
    17 Nov '01
    30 Jul '02 17:58
    In my opinion, it's really not a big deal. Originally, I was concerned w/
    it and I posted that players should be given an option to enter into
    higher categories than their current rating. Perhaps we can have an
    open tornament at some point w/ this set up. But for this one, the
    rules are straight forward and I think should be held. There will always
    be exceptions and "unfair" situations inherant w/ open tounaments
    like this. But if we start judging how good a player is or where his
    rating should be, it opens up another whole can of worms. I think
    there are some of us in the 1300's who can stump him. I currently
    have 2 games w/ him. In one, I am clearly ahead. In the other I
    think I have a slight edge as well. So you never know.
    Upsets are part of what makes tournaments fun.
  15. Donationmaggoteer
    The MAKIA
    a bit closer please
    08 Dec '01
    30 Jul '02 18:38

    Don't worry too much about it.

    There are a few players who claim they are better than there current
    ratings; let time prove them correct. Currently Dustnrogers rating has
    just crossed the 1400 barrier, but I see little evidence that he's
    manipulated the ratings to get there.

    1) The few heavy game players I'm familiar with (hi vaknso, hi
    rookie5 !) also have their ratings jump around rapidly. I think it goes
    with the territory of playing many games, doesn't it? And Dustnrogers
    has over 120 games going. (At that rate, he'll be a contender for the
    MAP some day!)

    2) Yes Dustnrogers is Nikki's brother - Nikkis player profile says so! I
    see nothing sneaky there. Maybe Nikki isn't into internet
    correspondence chess, and so went away. Maybe Nikki's at summer
    camp, who knows? Had dustnrogers taken the t/o's BEFORE the
    tourney, wouldn't that be artificially inflating his ratings? In other words
    they give him points he didn't "work for".

    3) In looking at his completed games (post May timout melt down), it
    looks like some 1300 and all 1400 players are holding up fine against
    him. He's beaten some, and others have beaten him. Looks to me
    that he's about right on target for where he should be. Maybe in time
    he will go up, but he ain't there yet!

    I don't see evidence that he, for instance, resigned games to drop his
    ratings. Also, I think (I may be wrong) that he signed up pretty earlier
    for the tourney; if so, that wouldn't have given him much time to
    manipulate his rating.

    There are always going to be players on the borders between
    categories; whether tourneys start when they are in the higher or lower
    is going to be the luck of the draw.

    I think we need Kirks prayer for this tournament NOW, rather than
    later. I'm excited about the tourney, and hope to play slow and careful
    chess in it, to do my best. I am also looking forward to more of the
    comraderie the last tourney instilled. Bummer to be starting this with
    accusations and recrimminations.

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