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Tournaments Forum

  1. Standard member Briscoe
    20 Sep '06 18:58
    1433 Broad Banded Threesomes 1500+
    1425 September 2006 Banded Duel IV 1600+
    1416 September '06 Long Haul Grand I 1600+
    1412 September '06 Long Haul Grouped Banded I 1600+
    1404 Broad Banded Quartets II 1500+
    1331 Marius Grouped Random 1700+
    1323 Laelianus Grouped Random 1600+
    1291 Postumus Grouped Random 1700+
    1287 August '06 Duel Banded 3/14 1700+

    wow...pretty brutal tournaments for anyone rated 1600/1700....every tourney have to being playing 2000's
  2. 20 Sep '06 20:58
    this is why i purposefully choose to keep my rating low
  3. Standard member GalaxyShield
    Mr. Shield
    21 Sep '06 01:03
    Originally posted by Sicilian Smaug
    Yes, soon as anyone reaches 1700 they can forget about winning any tournamounts. A 2000+ player will win for sure. I think it's to do with the limited number of 1700+s on the site[647 at present count and many of those arn't subs so they can't enter tounrnamounts], to fill a large tournamount with 1700-1800s, 1800-1900s etc wouldn't be possible. I do find it a harsh situation though.
    But still...The bands they're releasing go all the way down to 15 and 1600, which there happen to be a ton of. The bands should be something like 1500-1650 and 1651-1800, that's like the perfect strength lvl. Nobody can be excluded from winning, nobody is that that much stronger then anyone else. Of course there will still be the up and coming players that get in, but at least we won't get stuck with the likes of GuaravV and Everyday in every tournament.