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  1. 17 Sep '10 06:05
    I just read some grabs from the previous threads found here under a search for "offer to resign".
    I get the various takes on the ethics.
    I would like to have an "offer to resign" button like the "resign" button that is there, to indicate that I'll resign if the opponent also wants to end the game. Rather than just plain resigning, which can leave the other player feeling like they wanted to run out a few more moves for some reason, or me feeling like I'm under some unstated code of ethics expectation to either finish the game to mate or tip the king at the first obvious point of impending defeat.
    Changing the "Resign" button to one that is "Offer to Resign", that gives the opponent with the upper hand a say in it, would seem like more in keeping with the "live" game. There would need to be some way in which a person could unilaterally resign though, so as not to be locked into a painful "showboat" ending against their will.
    Thoughts? derision? 🙂
  2. 17 Sep '10 09:15
    sounds mad to me!!
  3. Subscriber jankrb
    17 Sep '10 09:49
    Originally posted by TottenhamHotspurFC
    sounds mad to me!!
    me too!
  4. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    18 Sep '10 03:15
    I don't think iit's really needed. If you think the game's going nowhere, you can sound out your opponent via the message box.
  5. Standard member atticus2
    Frustrate the Bad
    19 Sep '10 12:58
    I'd quite like a "Time to Resign, chum" button. You know - the equivalent of drumming your fingers on the table and gazing at the ceiling while packing your bits into your bag