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  1. Standard memberSchliemann
    The Diplomat
    Slightly Left :D
    22 Jun '01
    15 Nov '02 02:57
    Lets see who people think will win each individual tourney.

    Extra points for predicting the top 5 in each

    I can't vote because I will of course say myself in all of the ones that I
    am in...I will vote on the last four after I look at it for a bit.

    (who might win...but might not...comp is tough!!)
  2. Donationwillatkins
    Pittsburgh, PA, USA
    22 Jul '02
    15 Nov '02 03:02
    I will be lucky to win one!!! Amnel looks like a tough game. I know.
  3. DonationDanforth
    Vive le Québec!
    Hungry Bay, Québec
    01 Mar '02
    15 Nov '02 03:38
    There is my prediction for the quick fire tournament -->

    1- My first idea was to give the first rank to Gandolfini because of his
    rating, but it's hard for me to level his play because I've never play
    him before and we've just made about 15 moves in our tourney
    games. Based on what I saw in my games I give the first rank to:
    MWEST This guy's very good!

    2- GANDOLFINI Well... he's a 1700's player!! His weaknest is that he
    might lost few games by move timeout because his not playing

    3- LATEX BISHOP He's already 2nd behind T1000 and have few more
    games to finish

    4- NOGOODAMI He's very tough with his Scandinavian opening!

    5- DANFORTH Well... I hope!! 🙂

    6- T1000 I think Mark deserve to be 3th or 4th but he lost 2 big
    games against me... (Very Unsual for him to lost against me)

    7- SMUUUV


    After that it's hard to say... but since I played vaknso and GenieGML
    often I predict :

    9- VAKNSO

    10- GENIEGML

    11- CHRISMO


    p.s. Don't take this predictions too seriously... I'm not enough a
    good player to evaluate strenght of others!! 🙂
  4. Joined
    29 Jul '01
    15 Nov '02 04:21
    Aye, mwest is a good player. I only beat him because he made a very
    bad blunder to lose a rook (it was heading for a draw or a loss for me

    And nope, I don't deserve to be higher. I played some poor chess,
    rushing it terribly for some unknown, stupid reason. Which I regret.
    But hey, it's all good fun at the end of the day.

    I've finished all my games now so I'll sit back and watch you guys
    show me how to play :o)

    The Squirrel Lover
  5. Standard memberSchliemann
    The Diplomat
    Slightly Left :D
    22 Jun '01
    15 Nov '02 04:32 no way shape or form did I want this to make people feel
    bad about there performance.

    So please all note this is just for fun...I wishh all would rate me as the
    loser all of all my tournament would make me fight harder!!

    This is all for fun.

  6. Joined
    29 Jul '01
    15 Nov '02 04:48
    Oh aye no probs Dave, I've found/finding these tournaments to be
    really good for the site. It's good to see some new names there.

    I really hope that they help to increase the number of subscriptions.
    The work Russ and Chris do for us, for our enjoyment, well, they
    deserve everything word of praise and every few pennies and cents etc
    that they get.

    I do feel a bit disappointed about my performance. But fair play to
    Yan and Andrew, I always have good games with them and they
    deserved their wins without a doubt. They were too good for me on the
    day. And the draw with John, well, he knows that there was a win (for
    him) there for the taking.

    I'm cutting back on many of my games and am going to come back
    with a bit more hunger hopefully. Anyway, yadda yadda yadda, all I
    really want to say is Yep! The tournaments are great!

    The Squirrel Lover
  7. Donationvaknso
    The Ambassador
    Charleston SC. USA
    17 Jun '01
    15 Nov '02 06:10
    I got so excited getting into a no lose situation. And on the
    other hand I got scared of losing it by playing a position I was not
    familiar with. I know beter for next time. My dream lives on. What is
    life without a dream.
    Dreaming of a win against T-1000
  8. Joined
    20 Feb '02
    15 Nov '02 06:35

    Chin up, I didn't beat you, it was one game each. I was very happy
    with that as well.

  9. Joined
    29 Jul '01
    15 Nov '02 22:15
    Apologies Jake! Such was the mental trauma inflicted by you over the
    course of the two tonkings you gave me, I have been forced to try and
    put the games out of my mind. Hence my forgetting to add you to the
    list of my tournament tormentors!

    I should add for completeness that Jake outplayed me in two games!

    I hope we can play again sometime :o)

    The Squirrel Lover
  10. Joined
    27 Feb '02
    15 Nov '02 21:49
    Hmm... I think Gandolfini is the class of the tournament in terms of
    skill. Note that he beat mwest in one of their games, and is up a
    piece in the other.

    Still, if he loses any more by timeout he might have a hard time
    winning it. I'd be surprised if he lost any games any other way,
    however, so if he avoids any more timeouts I think he'll pull it out.

    Your ratings look very plausible. One quibble-- I think I'll manage
    to pick up the coveted 7th spot. 🙂 With any luck (and barring
    timeouts) I'll probably get 12-15 more points out of the rest of my
    games, and I don't think Smuuuv will be able to match that.

    This tournament has been a lot of fun! I've played some of my best
    chess and my worst chess ever. I don't think I'll be joining any more
    1 day TO tourneys, at least until I get internet at home, but I'm glad I
    did this one.

    Do you all think tournament games should be rated or unrated? I
    think it might be nice if they were unrated, but I haven't thought
    about it very thoroughly.

  11. Donationvaknso
    The Ambassador
    Charleston SC. USA
    17 Jun '01
    16 Nov '02 00:17
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