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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Donation Dustnrogers
    20 Oct '04 18:39
    Its coming soon everyone get ready to enter and have fun! Its going to be a blast to participate in a tournament sponsored by the only clan that i have always stayed in here on RHP! They are a group of great leaders, fun and always willing to go the extra mile for their teammates, and now the tourney is coming up! I personal promise to make a stamp in that tourney, either by winning it, or atleast making it to the final group and winning it! From what Mesmiris and Smythe are shooting for is,
    a) 64 players
    b) 4 players per group, and winners advance!
    c) a nice little prize, which im not going to mention, you will have to see once the tournament is forsure forsure on its way!

    Good luck Everyone!
  2. Donation Dustnrogers
    20 Oct '04 21:56
    Sorry about the bad grammer, tired when i wrote the top post, but you get my point lol
  3. 22 Oct '04 15:14
    I'm wondering if the prize is going to be a Lord of The Rings book/DVD...... hmmmm..... That'd be nice, lol.
  4. 22 Oct '04 15:21
    I hope so🙄

    Ok, I won't win it anyway... 😉
  5. Donation Dustnrogers
    23 Oct '04 09:51
    From what i have been told from the big guys, its the lord of the rings, Return of the king, collectors edition, i dont know forsure, ill send a message to Smythe and ask him to post, and its official, Russ has approved of the tourney and its coming soon!
  6. Standard member tlai1992
    Retired knight
    23 Oct '04 15:09
    i want to join it. make it a 1/3 tourney or a 3/0