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    13 Jul '06
    09 Jun '17 22:14
    Just wondering how and why someone can enter a tournament when their tournament ranking far exceeds the maximum for the tournament in question. For example.....Bohemia51........entered the tournament, 2017 May Sprint Duel I 1415-1485, when his tournament ranking is well over 1500. Considering there are plenty of other tournaments for them to enter which are more appropriate to their ranking it doesn't seem fair to the rest of us. Is there something that can be done to keep this from happening? Why enter a tournament when your illegal opponent far outranks you? And, for that matter, why have maximum and minimum settings in place at all if no one is going to abide by them?? Any ideas or suggestions?? Thank you.

    Peace, Bob
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    12 Nov '06
    14 Jun '17 05:26
    His tournament entry rating is 1500, only 15 points above the rating band. Ratings are just estimates of playing strength anyway. If he does have an advantage, it's so small I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. Upstate NY
    04 Aug '06
    19 Jun '17 16:59
    I would add in that the site calculates a Tournament Entry Rating that is equal or greater than the players current rating to help prevent intentional manipulation of ratings for tournament entry. A player qualifies for a tournament at time of entry (or tournament start??); later that player may well be rated higher than the tournament bands while the tournament progresses. This is completely natural given that ratings are always changing. It is not "illegal" for the player to play out the remainder of that tournament.