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Chess  Tournament

Chess Tournament

2017 November Quintets I 1545-1660

Description Groups of five.
Timeout 3 days
Timebank 7 days
Started 04 Dec '17
Status Round In progress
 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw. Leading player or players progress. Winner of the final group wins the tournament.
  • 1
In progressGroup 1 : In progress
Ginoblack1645 white winwhite winwhite winblack win
do2much1537black win white winwhite win30
Mitchapolooza1503black winwhite win black win25
Tomboniboi1472black winblack winblack win 34
mallys71407263026white win 
Total score189636
Max. possible score211512624
Group decidedGroup 2 : Group decided
NAWSTAN1630 white winblack winwhite winblack win
john6938160170 black winblack winwhite win
stevemcc1519white winwhite win drawblack win
ZorroTheFox1498white winblack winblack win black win
Churchley1497white winblack winwhite windraw 
Total score6916816
Max. possible score91216816
All games completeGroup 3 : All games complete
dondiego66Pauline CalfLizard Kingstephen001Bonarparte
dondiego661599 black winblack winblack winblack win
Pauline Calf1551draw black winwhite winwhite win
Lizard King1502black windraw white winblack win
stephen0011481black winwhite winwhite win white win
Bonarparte1465white windrawdrawwhite win 
Total score712111214
Max. possible score712111214
All games completeGroup 4 : All games complete
ParShooter1599 white winwhite winwhite winblack win
NoFriendsPete1563black win black winblack windraw
neilarini1551white winblack win white winwhite win
Sport1544white winblack winblack win black win
Bobthebass1540white winwhite winwhite winwhite win 
Total score12715619
Max. possible score12715619
All games completeGroup 5 : All games complete
Iron Dukemasterfossejb70gothcharlestexasnurse
Iron Duke1602 white winblack winwhite winblack win
masterfosse1493black win white winwhite winwhite win
jb701470white windraw white winwhite win
gothcharles1398black winblack winblack win black win
texasnurse1359black winwhite winwhite winwhite win 
Total score151316015
Max. possible score151316015
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