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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1427
    Joined 27 Feb '12 02:07
    Last moved 17 Jun '18 22:35
    Rated games 7573 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12300765Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr17 Jun '18 23:13infoIn progress
12320543Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr17 Jun '18 23:11infoIn progress
12598609Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber kingdog17 Jun '18 23:09infoIn progress
12601366Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber kingdog17 Jun '18 23:08infoIn progress
12603527Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber kingdog17 Jun '18 23:07infoIn progress
12700203Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber laurence c17 Jun '18 22:40infoIn progress
12698035Subscriber tangerinefishSubscriber lstcyr17 Jun '18 22:35infoIn progress
12692419Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber lstcyr17 Jun '18 22:35infoIn progress
12669829Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber rossrosenberg17 Jun '18 22:23infoIn progress
12653531Subscriber rossrosenbergSubscriber lstcyr17 Jun '18 22:23infoIn progress
12737559Subscriber laurence cSubscriber lstcyr17 Jun '18 22:06infoIn progress
12737552Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber laurence c17 Jun '18 22:06infoIn progress
12772138Subscriber laurence cSubscriber lstcyr17 Jun '18 22:05infoIn progress
12772136Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber laurence c17 Jun '18 22:05infoIn progress
12763591Subscriber laurence cSubscriber lstcyr17 Jun '18 22:04infoIn progress
12703757Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber lstcyr17 Jun '18 21:49infoIn progress
12772135Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber spartangreek17 Jun '18 21:49infoIn progress
12772133Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber lstcyr17 Jun '18 21:48infoIn progress
12773429Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber lstcyr17 Jun '18 21:48infoIn progress
12773430Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber spartangreek17 Jun '18 21:47infoIn progress
12693939Subscriber koopsonlineSubscriber lstcyr17 Jun '18 21:44infoIn progress
12729090Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber alan holman17 Jun '18 21:35infoIn progress
12654958Subscriber tangerinefishSubscriber lstcyr17 Jun '18 21:32infoIn progress
12761368Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber alan holman17 Jun '18 21:29infoIn progress
12692422Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber VESPIN17 Jun '18 21:23infoIn progress
12693920Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber koopsonline17 Jun '18 21:23infoIn progress
12718702Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber Timzsn17 Jun '18 21:11infoIn progress
12692007Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber king080917 Jun '18 21:10infoIn progress
12549119Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber Tathagatas17 Jun '18 21:09infoIn progress
12662473Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber katella On Vacation17 Jun '18 21:09infoIn progress

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