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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1359
    Joined 27 Feb '12 02:07
    Last moved 23 Mar '18 18:30
    Rated games 7091 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12609216Subscriber king0809onlineSubscriber lstcyr23 Mar '18 22:46infoIn progress
12379480Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr23 Mar '18 22:06infoIn progress
12437781Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber kingdog23 Mar '18 22:03infoIn progress
12643944Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber spartangreek23 Mar '18 21:49infoIn progress
12644320Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber spartangreek23 Mar '18 21:45infoIn progress
12634244Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber spartangreek23 Mar '18 21:44infoIn progress
12634140Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber spartangreek23 Mar '18 21:41infoIn progress
12634243Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber lstcyr23 Mar '18 21:41infoIn progress
12634138Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber lstcyr23 Mar '18 21:41infoIn progress
12601363Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber SeamusC23 Mar '18 21:38infoIn progress
12601344Subscriber SeamusCSubscriber lstcyr23 Mar '18 21:37infoIn progress
12609193Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber SeamusC23 Mar '18 21:37infoIn progress
12601373Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr23 Mar '18 21:36infoIn progress
12601664Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr23 Mar '18 21:32infoIn progress
12603530Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr23 Mar '18 21:30infoIn progress
12562034Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber Fagarasi07523 Mar '18 21:16infoIn progress
12640911Subscriber sandwichjimSubscriber lstcyr23 Mar '18 21:12infoIn progress
12599482Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber babadad23 Mar '18 21:08infoIn progress
12643525Subscriber babadadSubscriber lstcyr23 Mar '18 21:07infoIn progress
12601364Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber projectread23 Mar '18 21:02infoIn progress
12650457Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber projectread23 Mar '18 20:52infoIn progress
12650456Subscriber projectreadSubscriber lstcyr23 Mar '18 20:51infoIn progress
12645975Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber lstcyr23 Mar '18 20:42infoIn progress
12646535Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber lstcyr23 Mar '18 20:41infoIn progress
12645789Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber lstcyr23 Mar '18 20:41infoIn progress
12654972Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber david194723 Mar '18 20:33infoIn progress
12654970Subscriber david1947Subscriber lstcyr23 Mar '18 20:33infoIn progress
12656952Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber king0809online23 Mar '18 20:14infoIn progress
12656953Subscriber king0809onlineSubscriber lstcyr23 Mar '18 20:13infoIn progress
12640572Subscriber belekasSubscriber lstcyr23 Mar '18 20:06infoIn progress

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