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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1376
    Joined 27 Feb '12 02:07
    Last moved 23 Sep '18 03:42
    Rated games 8089 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12797054Subscriber EkkeSubscriber lstcyr23 Sep '18 16:08infoIn progress
12906212Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber lstcyr23 Sep '18 14:59infoIn progress
12906346Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber spartangreek23 Sep '18 14:59infoIn progress
12849289Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber OMuniz86023 Sep '18 14:40infoIn progress
12836665Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber lstcyr23 Sep '18 14:40infoIn progress
12836663Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber OMuniz86023 Sep '18 14:40infoIn progress
12854560Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber lstcyr23 Sep '18 14:31infoIn progress
12840865Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber lstcyr23 Sep '18 14:30infoIn progress
12836935Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber spartangreek23 Sep '18 14:29infoIn progress
12840906Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber spartangreek23 Sep '18 14:29infoIn progress
12894266Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber lstcyr23 Sep '18 14:29infoIn progress
12893726Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber lstcyr23 Sep '18 14:28infoIn progress
12820643Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber lstcyr23 Sep '18 14:27infoIn progress
12820636Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber OMuniz86023 Sep '18 14:27infoIn progress
12807769Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber lstcyr23 Sep '18 14:26infoIn progress
12820709Subscriber cdurkinSubscriber lstcyr23 Sep '18 13:15infoIn progress
12820628Subscriber katellaonlineSubscriber lstcyr23 Sep '18 13:00infoIn progress
12899542Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber katellaonline23 Sep '18 13:00infoIn progress
12899517Subscriber katellaonlineSubscriber lstcyr23 Sep '18 13:00infoIn progress
12903274Subscriber katellaonlineSubscriber lstcyr23 Sep '18 13:00infoIn progress
12903275Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber katellaonline23 Sep '18 12:51infoIn progress
12881749Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber jrps33online23 Sep '18 12:43infoIn progress
12820786Subscriber eagleswingSubscriber lstcyr23 Sep '18 12:34infoIn progress
12820788Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber lstcyr23 Sep '18 10:44infoIn progress
12820785Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber bohemia5123 Sep '18 10:44infoIn progress
12900150Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber lstcyr23 Sep '18 10:43infoIn progress
12900149Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber bohemia5123 Sep '18 10:43infoIn progress
12899567Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber lstcyr23 Sep '18 10:43infoIn progress
12899548Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber bohemia5123 Sep '18 10:42infoIn progress
12900753Subscriber LegendOfEdSubscriber lstcyr23 Sep '18 10:05infoIn progress

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