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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1491
    Joined 06 May '17 15:38
    Last moved 25 Apr '18 03:58
    Rated games 610 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12662487Subscriber laurence cSubscriber katella25 Apr '18 19:15infoIn progress
12662462Subscriber katellaSubscriber laurence c25 Apr '18 19:15infoIn progress
12696775Subscriber laurence cSubscriber bohemia5125 Apr '18 18:22infoIn progress
12674942Subscriber laurence cSubscriber Tathagatas25 Apr '18 17:44infoIn progress
12682171Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber laurence c25 Apr '18 17:44infoIn progress
12682172Subscriber laurence cSubscriber Tathagatas25 Apr '18 17:43infoIn progress
12635539Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber laurence c25 Apr '18 17:43infoIn progress
12635540Subscriber laurence cSubscriber Tathagatas25 Apr '18 17:43infoIn progress
12610444Subscriber laurence cSubscriber Tathagatas25 Apr '18 17:42infoIn progress
12653533Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber laurence c25 Apr '18 17:42infoIn progress
12682078Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber laurence c25 Apr '18 17:41infoIn progress
12682079Subscriber laurence cSubscriber Tathagatas25 Apr '18 17:41infoIn progress
12600212Subscriber laurence cSubscriber Tathagatas25 Apr '18 17:41infoIn progress
12563773Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber laurence c25 Apr '18 17:40infoDraw offered
12603208Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber laurence c25 Apr '18 17:39infoIn progress
12674941Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber laurence c25 Apr '18 17:35infoIn progress
12683825Subscriber laurence cSubscriber Ekke25 Apr '18 17:15infoIn progress
12683824Subscriber EkkeSubscriber laurence c25 Apr '18 17:14infoIn progress
12670806Subscriber laurence cSubscriber lstcyr25 Apr '18 15:18infoIn progress
12666658Subscriber laurence cSubscriber lstcyr25 Apr '18 15:17infoIn progress
12666657Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber laurence c25 Apr '18 15:16infoIn progress
12632691Subscriber laurence cSubscriber lstcyr25 Apr '18 15:16infoIn progress
12662489Subscriber laurence cSubscriber lstcyr25 Apr '18 15:16infoIn progress
12632690Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber laurence c25 Apr '18 15:16infoIn progress
12662476Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber laurence c25 Apr '18 15:16infoIn progress
12627296Subscriber laurence cSubscriber ggjark25 Apr '18 14:42infoIn progress
12613677Subscriber ggjarkSubscriber laurence c25 Apr '18 14:41infoIn progress
12630713Subscriber ggjarkSubscriber laurence c25 Apr '18 14:40infoIn progress
12630714Subscriber laurence cSubscriber ggjark25 Apr '18 14:39infoIn progress
12691875Subscriber laurence cSubscriber spartangreek25 Apr '18 14:25infoIn progress

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