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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1540
    Joined 06 May '17 15:38
    Last moved 20 Jul '18 04:27
    Rated games 807 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12771951Subscriber laurence cSubscriber sunnyday2520 Jul '18 09:16infoIn progress
12785246Subscriber laurence cSubscriber beechformonline20 Jul '18 09:12infoIn progress
12785243Subscriber beechformonlineSubscriber laurence c20 Jul '18 09:12infoIn progress
12777754Subscriber david1947Subscriber laurence c20 Jul '18 06:28infoIn progress
12785697Subscriber xinebbsaSubscriber laurence c20 Jul '18 06:17infoIn progress
12785699Subscriber laurence cSubscriber xinebbsa20 Jul '18 06:17infoIn progress
12785476Subscriber sandwichjimSubscriber laurence c20 Jul '18 05:35infoIn progress
12785477Subscriber laurence cSubscriber sandwichjim20 Jul '18 05:35infoIn progress
12781763Subscriber laurence cSubscriber king080920 Jul '18 05:29infoIn progress
12781770Subscriber king0809Subscriber laurence c20 Jul '18 05:28infoIn progress
12814325Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber laurence c20 Jul '18 04:54infoIn progress
12814326Subscriber laurence cSubscriber Timzsn20 Jul '18 04:53infoIn progress
12785245Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber laurence c20 Jul '18 04:53infoIn progress
12814380Subscriber laurence cSubscriber scwymstronline20 Jul '18 04:40infoIn progress
12814378Subscriber scwymstronlineSubscriber laurence c20 Jul '18 04:39infoIn progress
12791212Subscriber steen49Subscriber laurence c20 Jul '18 04:27infoIn progress
12791213Subscriber laurence cSubscriber steen4920 Jul '18 04:26infoIn progress
12754447Subscriber laurence cSubscriber Philokalia20 Jul '18 04:24infoIn progress
12754448Subscriber PhilokaliaSubscriber laurence c20 Jul '18 04:24infoIn progress
12746960Subscriber achilles9533Subscriber laurence c20 Jul '18 04:23infoIn progress
12813819Subscriber laurence cSubscriber spartangreek20 Jul '18 04:22infoIn progress
12785247Subscriber laurence cSubscriber Timzsn20 Jul '18 04:21infoCheckmate (1-0)
12791510Subscriber laurence cSubscriber lstcyr20 Jul '18 04:20infoIn progress
12791508Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber laurence c20 Jul '18 04:20infoIn progress
12778165Subscriber eagleswingonlineSubscriber laurence c19 Jul '18 23:15infoIn progress
12789522Subscriber invigorateSubscriber laurence c19 Jul '18 23:13infoIn progress
12789525Subscriber laurence cSubscriber invigorate19 Jul '18 23:13infoIn progress
12803487Subscriber laurence cSubscriber MGRIF19 Jul '18 22:50infoIn progress
12803485Subscriber MGRIFSubscriber laurence c19 Jul '18 22:49infoIn progress
12791509Subscriber laurence cSubscriber MGRIF19 Jul '18 22:48infoIn progress

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