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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1519
    Joined 10 Dec '16 01:07
    Last moved 23 Mar '18 01:03
    Rated games 1100 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12642854Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber babadad23 Mar '18 02:27infoIn progress
12642853Subscriber babadadSubscriber spartangreek23 Mar '18 02:25infoIn progress
12623413Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber woolley23 Mar '18 01:24infoIn progress
12645828Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber woolley23 Mar '18 01:24infoIn progress
12645829Subscriber woolleySubscriber spartangreek23 Mar '18 01:23infoIn progress
12642001Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber laurence c23 Mar '18 01:15infoIn progress
12642002Subscriber laurence cSubscriber spartangreek23 Mar '18 01:14infoIn progress
12650358Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber OMuniz86023 Mar '18 01:09infoIn progress
12650383Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber spartangreek23 Mar '18 01:03infoIn progress
12543000Subscriber Larry KasparovSubscriber spartangreek23 Mar '18 01:02infoIn progress
12643896Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber scwymstr23 Mar '18 00:56infoIn progress
12643909Subscriber scwymstrSubscriber spartangreek23 Mar '18 00:56infoIn progress
12606202Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber Timzsn23 Mar '18 00:54infoIn progress
12606203Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber spartangreek23 Mar '18 00:54infoIn progress
12650056Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber norfolk and good23 Mar '18 00:50infoIn progress
12645376Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber norfolk and good23 Mar '18 00:49infoIn progress
12650455Subscriber Terryh7Subscriber spartangreek23 Mar '18 00:40infoIn progress
12627796Subscriber Terryh7Subscriber spartangreek23 Mar '18 00:30infoIn progress
12627795Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber Terryh723 Mar '18 00:29infoIn progress
12619658Subscriber projectreadSubscriber spartangreek23 Mar '18 00:25infoIn progress
12627848Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber projectread23 Mar '18 00:25infoIn progress
12627849Subscriber projectreadSubscriber spartangreek23 Mar '18 00:24infoIn progress
12643527Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber projectread23 Mar '18 00:24infoIn progress
12643528Subscriber projectreadSubscriber spartangreek23 Mar '18 00:20infoIn progress
12643151Subscriber david1947Subscriber spartangreek23 Mar '18 00:18infoIn progress
12654967Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber david194723 Mar '18 00:17infoIn progress
12654969Subscriber david1947Subscriber spartangreek23 Mar '18 00:15infoIn progress
12627722Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber spartangreek23 Mar '18 00:11infoIn progress
12574075Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber boydie22 Mar '18 23:07infoIn progress
12650454Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber Terryh722 Mar '18 23:00infoIn progress

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