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The Cats Whiskers
Cream of the crop

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Subscriber YEAH BOYonline131407 Jul '18 25 Sep '18 Available for gamesInfoView---
Standard member Aiko130022 Apr '08 24 Sep '18 Unavailable for gamesInfoView---
Subscriber catnap642online109721 Apr '08 25 Sep '18 Unavailable for gamesInfoView---
Standard member marmalade teacake104922 Apr '08 03 May '17 InfoView---
Subscriber MICHAEL JOHNonline64823 Mar '09 25 Sep '18 Available for gamesInfoView---
Subscriber Kenworth1860223 Apr '08 15 May '18 InfoView---
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Clan leader Only a clan leader can issue challenges.
Authorised clan member Member can participate in clan challenges.
Unauthorised clan member Awaiting approval by clan leader. Member not elligble for any challenge made now, even if they are authorised later.
Available for leagues Member has chosen to play clan league games exclusively for this clan.
Inactive member Inactive member, unavailable for challenges.
Member leaving clan Member is leaving clan and playing out games before removal.
Unavailable for challenges Member is unavailable for clan challenges.


This clan is not accepting new challenges. This clan's preferred move timeout period is 7 days

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