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  1. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    23 Sep '14 15:33 / 2 edits
    Congratulations to @ZorroTheFox, an active player on RedHotPawn for nearly 9 years, who has just today made his 1 MILLIONTH correspondence chess move. An incredible achievement, and we appreciate the time he has invested playing chess on RedHotPawn which has benefited everyone in our online chess community. Well done and thanks.

    Photo of ZorroTheFox shortly after the 1m move
  2. 23 Sep '14 17:41
    Congratulations on a great milestone !!
  3. Subscriber rookorbycrook
    24 Sep '14 07:59
    hey always nice to see a face behind the name congrats zorro the fox ;-)
  4. Subscriber LEUR
    24 Sep '14 17:57
    Originally posted by rookorbycrook
    hey always nice to see a face behind the name congrats zorro the fox ;-)
    Have done this a couple of times already but nothing wrong with a third! Congratulations ZTF!
  5. Standard member Smiffy
    24 Sep '14 21:33
    Well done alot of time and effort for that. Congratulations
  6. 26 Sep '14 22:19
    Zorro is always a pleasure to play against, well done masked man!
  7. Subscriber Very Rusty
    Treat Everyone Equal
    29 Sep '14 17:11
    Congratulations my friend on your Millionth move!!! Not only did you carry a big game load but also played a strong game at our rating level. Having played 96 games with you, I know you to be a true Gentleman win or lose.
  8. Standard member colette
    Quiet revolutionary
    03 Oct '14 13:49
    Seriously cool. Well done my old comrade! I've taken a few years out but am thinking about making a return. Ah those happy days of the Buena Vista Chess Club. Glad to see you kept the revolution alight.