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  1. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    03 Dec '14 09:57 / 8 edits
    The Red Hot Pawn logo has been adorned with his festive hat a little early this year...but for good reason.

    We have doubled the number of concurrent games for non-subs to 12, so you can load up with more games as the countdown to the holidays begins.

    In addition, through December, you can receive 25% off your first quarter for a new 3 months recurring subscriptions paid with a Credit Card (excludes PayPal payments) if you use coupon QUARTXMAS25.

    Also, we will be running a small number of non-sub tournaments for you to trial tournament competition.

    Have fun, and thanks for playing chess at
  2. 03 Dec '14 11:34

    the upgrade to 12 games for non-subs, is it permanent? If so, it's a wonderful present, which is much appreciated. (Although I really shouldn't play more concurrent games.)

  3. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    03 Dec '14 11:42 / 1 edit
    This will be decided in January. We don't want to set the wrong expectation, because we are trialling it this month for now.
  4. 03 Dec '14 12:43
    But games which have started, will be allowed to finish normally I hope?
  5. Subscriber Ponderable
    03 Dec '14 12:57
    Originally posted by tvochess
    But games which have started, will be allowed to finish normally I hope?
    has been like this each time. There are non-subs working down on their more than 100 running games
  6. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    03 Dec '14 13:05
    Originally posted by tvochess
    But games which have started, will be allowed to finish normally I hope?
    Yes, as @Ponderable says, whatever happens in the future, all games can be played out until completion.
  7. 03 Dec '14 17:20
    I didn't see any tournaments I was able to join, how do we know if they are non-subscriber available?
  8. Standard member yavash
    lovin the sea breeze
    03 Dec '14 17:34
    Hi - I am also interested in the tournaments, I am saving 2 spaces of my twelve so I can enter or can we still enter if we are up to our 12 games. When will they be running and will we have to look under the usual place on our home page to see?

  9. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    03 Dec '14 17:52
    Tournament 21042 Currently with places...and another will appear tomorrow if full.

    If you are at 12 games when the tournament starts, then your max games will increase beyond 12, but no more regular games can be started until you have less than 12 games active again.
  10. 04 Dec '14 06:42
    Are there any Christmas presents for those who already subscribe I wonder?
  11. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    04 Dec '14 09:23
    Will a big "thank you" for supporting the site suffice?
  12. 04 Dec '14 10:03 / 1 edit
    Hardly a Yuletide spirit I know, but I for one am a bit disappointed to read this. I became a subscriber to enjoy all the main RHP benefits that come with unrestricted number of concurrent games, the option to enter tournaments if I wanted to and so on. On the basis that these benefits are now being made available to non-subscribers and therefore at nil-cost, could someone please convince me why I should bother renewing my subscription in January? Personally I'm not so sure that a vacation flag (most people can access RHP now wherever they are in the world), an advert ban and a subscriber 'star' next to my username is worth the current subscription alone and I probably therefore won't be renewing.
  13. 04 Dec '14 10:51
    As I understand it is just a temporary offer as bait to attract more subscribers.

    Even with this temporary offer for non-subs, you still have:
    -unlimited games
    -any tournament (not just the non-sub one)
    -no ads
  14. 05 Dec '14 17:28
    Originally posted by Russ
    Will a big "[b]thank you" for supporting the site suffice?[/b]
    I appreciate all the work you do for the site and I am also very grateful for all that I have learnt here. I've made some good friends that is why I subscribe as I want to give something back as I want the site to thrive, I have to be honest I did consider my subscription when I read the post though.

    Best regards,

  15. Standard member Smiffy
    05 Dec '14 22:10
    Same I thought why do I need to subscribe. I know it's bait but I'll keep an eye on the tournament now and see if any subscribe.