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  1. 10 Dec '14 09:21 / 6 edits
    So what is the most famous Christmas story? Sorry, let me rephrase that. What is the most famous Christmas story apart from that one.

    The Christmas Carol? Probably, and it has spawned dozens of versions. I have a fondness for Bill Murray in Scrooged. Rather like Tommy Lee Jones in MIB, the more deadpan he plays it, the funnier it gets.

    Which is a long-winded way of getting to the fact that Mrs Outsider’s choice for the best Christmas film of all-time is the Muppet Christmas Carol. It’s one of the few things we share in common artistically.

    One of my personal claims to fame is that I watched the first ever episode transmitted in the UK back in 1976. I remember it because my siblings tried to stop me watching it, as they wanted to watch something on ‘the other side’ (only two main channels, and no way to record) but as I was the youngest, and would be going to bed soon, my mum intervened. They walked out during it saying it was ‘rubbish’ and that no-one would watch it. Good call, brothers and sis.

    Favourite characters were Statler and Waldorf, the grumpy old men who constantly complain about the show. Some of my staff say I have modeled my management style on them.

    Anyway, here is one of the closing songs.


    Not even Michael Caine’s limited singing skills can stop me enjoying the Muppets. There is also a little note below the video about there being a joke at the end. There really isn’t, you know.

    (That’s why they think you are like Statler and Waldorf – Mrs Outsider)