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  1. 09 Jul '10 03:22
    Although Dr. Holmes was aprofessor of neurology at Southern Cal, and an author in the field of science, he also has a link to a cultural phenomenon that hit circa 1974: Dungeons and Dragons. He edited the "blue book" from the first boxed D&D game produced that came with the polyhedral dice. It was in a purple box with the famous dragon on box top. I just came across this little tidbit and thought it interesting because the 2 inventors of D&D, Gygax and Arneson, both died in the last 12-24 months. Hopefully the game shall outlive its creator. RIP
  2. Subscriber AThousandYoung
    It's only business
    09 Jul '10 03:35
    D&D may never die.
  3. Standard member avalanchethecat
    Not actually a cat
    09 Jul '10 18:28
    Originally posted by AThousandYoung
    D&D may never die.
    Wow, all the D&D creators gone! Heavy. Somebody ought to start a thread about D&D. I've still got a couple of the old books around somewhere.
  4. Standard member Gatecrasher
    Whale watching
    09 Jul '10 22:25
    Just to put it all into perspective: