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Culture Forum

  1. Subscriber AThousandYoung
    Just another day
    20 Jun '13 16:21
    He was 51 and has a newborn child 🙁
  2. Standard member vivify
    20 Jun '13 17:22
    Wow, I didn't know about the child. At the very least, that child will know that his/her father was a well-respected actor with a great body of work.

    I've never seen "The Sopranos", but I saw "Romance and Cigarrettes", a seriously awesome film, where he played the main character. He leaves a proud on-screen legacy.
  3. 21 Jun '13 12:28
    Indeed an excellent actor and well liked by all! RIP
  4. 12 Jul '13 00:15
    RIP Mr Gandolfini. My favourite role of yours was in In The Loop, one of the best political-themed films ever made, I'm willing to bet.