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  1. Standard member apathist
    looking for loot
    14 May '13 20:51
    pants below buttocks

    Dont know if the prison "I'm available" meme is true, or if there are other reasons, or whatever. I do know that they have clean underwear and are just people. I suppose they don't plan on running much.
  2. 15 May '13 02:48
    Whatever the reasons it is repulsive, unseemly, sends a signal of low IQ, in your face attitude and is fairly repugnant.
  3. Standard member apathist
    looking for loot
    16 May '13 20:58
    I understand that reaction, maybe I still hold it. But the same sort of things were said of, eg, bell-bottoms, right?

    Don't you believe that dogmatism is to be resisted?
  4. 16 May '13 21:12
    I never heard any such thing said about bell bottoms. How is dogmatic to find repulsive, well, repulsive? Bell bottoms may have looked unattractive, but had a fashion precedent in sailor pants of a bygone era. Not even close to apples and oranges. I doubt anyone ever feared a bell bottom clad youth whereas today their aggressive look whilst sagging, grabbing their crotch sends an immediate rape chill up any woman's spine. Recently there was a youth thus attired and walking about with an open shirt. A female cop stopped him and disgustedly ordered him to pull up his pants and button up the shirt.
  5. Standard member apathist
    looking for loot
    17 May '13 20:39
    Rhetoric is one thing. Meet a man with a huge sense of humor and a pretty good street game of chess who would never hurt you or yours, and maybe your dogmatism is highlighted.

    I am sure there was an entire generation who judged bell-bottoms.
  6. Standard member sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    17 May '13 22:33
    Originally posted by scacchipazzo
    Whatever the reasons it is repulsive, unseemly, sends a signal of low IQ, in your face attitude and is fairly repugnant.
    Well, I imagine it helps them talk out their ass.....
  7. 18 May '13 12:24
    No doubt bell bottoms were talked about, but no one crossed over to other side of the street because of bell bottoms.

    I met such a fanciful street chess dude in Memphis, TN. He has his board set up on Beale St. Asked five bucks a game. I asked his rating. He asked what I meant. I told him in Washington Square Park in NYC you can play blitz with a GM for $5. He says, black belt, but rusty so perhaps only brown at present. His board was set up with pieces on wrong squares and rotated board. I walked away. I saw him again my next trip to Memphis. No more board. I asked what happened. "I gots my ass kicked by six year old who scolded me about how I set my board!" he said. "I gave up chess for now!" He then offers to tell me the story of Jazz for $5. I walked away again!
  8. Standard member apathist
    looking for loot
    18 May '13 21:47
    The rotated board doesn't bother me too much. I struggle to not expect en passant though.