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  1. Standard member ChronicLeaky
    Don't Fear Me
    03 Jan '09 14:45
    Ladies and dudes of the Culture Forum! Less than 17 hours late, I shall now post the entries! They will be posted anonymously,

    Rules for voting:

    1. If you entered, please vote. It would be lame to have more entries than votes.

    2. As is the custom, vote by listing your three favourite entries, from "third-favouritest" to "most-favouritest". As is also the custom, three apples are awarded to a poem for each first place vote, two apples for each second place vote, and a single orange for each third place vote. The judges are skilled at comparing apples to oranges.

    3. You have two weeks from the posting of the last entry to make your votes.

    4. Vote in this thread. Only votes here will be counted. Please do not post anything else here; I will start a separate thread for Verse Competition Discussion.

    5. Discussion and critique of the verse is encouraged (it is sort of the whole point!), but discussion of who wrote what is not allowed until voting finishes. However, please use the discussion thread, and not this one, which is just for votes.
  2. Standard member ChronicLeaky
    Don't Fear Me
    03 Jan '09 14:46
    Through a Glass Darkly
    (September 15, 1963, January 20, 2009)

    A gathering like any Sunday morning
    Days end four little girls dead, a time for mourning….in America
    Shattered glass and Jesus crushed everywhere in the rubble
    Why this? In order to be humble?
    A hymnbook burning bright providing the flames of hell
    One day a story in need of a bell
    Now ascend the steps of time
    Two little girls in a new morning
    Colored as the four before, but now soaring
    Now granted the wisdom of time
    We read the Scripture sublime
    “Through a glass darkly, but one day face to face”
    These are the times that cross space
    “Understood and we understand”
    Lion lying down with the lamb
  3. Standard member ChronicLeaky
    Don't Fear Me
    03 Jan '09 14:47
    Tuesday Afternoon

    Darkness crashes
    Rain collides
    with the tin awning
    announcing its arrival
    The wind herds
    the rain's scent through
    window cracks
    followed by
    as snow begins its search
    for places to land
  4. Standard member ChronicLeaky
    Don't Fear Me
    03 Jan '09 14:48
    Nobody made you to post in all forums

    Out of the faceless noisy crowd
    Two of them stood side by side
    Holding hands they boldly cried

    "We don't like it here not one little bit
    You're all FOUL mouthed and full of S(p)IT!"
    And so began this epic saga
    Of good versus evil, clan rivalry DRAMA

    And round and round and round they go
    the trolls are everywhere you know

    Kicking a wheelchair out of the way
    a monstrous man makes his way
    to the front, the front of the crowd
    "We don't like CHEATS" he seems to say

    But he coughed as he said it and nobody knows
    what his words were as he rubbed his nose
    Maybe he didn't say "don't" maybe he did
    It's certain (as far as we know) that he knew what he did

    And round and round and round they go
    the trolls are everywhere you know

    Ironman left and then Exe too,
    they took down the list so now nobody new
    can know what anyone old used to know
    about what went on in the past too

    More cheats are found on a daily basis
    but the site gets better and better despite this
    bit of a slur on an otherwise marvellous place
    ... if only there weren't any trolls

    And round and round and round they go
    the trolls are everywhere you know
  5. Standard member ChronicLeaky
    Don't Fear Me
    03 Jan '09 14:59
    Walter's Perfect Phucctoy

    Walter seemed a good man,

    But things turned very wrong

    When Walter's new obsession

    Just wouldn't play along

    See Walter liked his women

    Submissive, not too strong

    Doting to his every need,

    No mind to speak too long.

    Clara was a beauty,

    But life had dealt her shi+,

    Working poles she earned some cash,

    Enough to start legit.

    One last night, she'd told the boss,

    To draw the mongrels in,

    Walter stood among the crowd,

    As Clara flaunted skin.

    Closing time came none too soon,

    For Clara's cramping feet,

    Clicking heels to her car,

    Bare legs in need of heat.

    Sprung from shadows, in her face,

    Was Walter's smile sweet,

    Politely he suggested

    They plan to later meet.

    Nervous laughter cutting in,

    Sweet Clara did decline,

    Just as foreseen, Walter thought,

    As he produced the twine,

    Precut lengths, two in his fist,

    As Clara's keys did shine,

    In light too dim to find the lock

    Before his punch found spine.

    Violently he took her down

    Face smashed into cement

    Wrists and ankles quickly tied

    Too shocked to scream, then sent

    Into his trunk, pain screeching now

    Her body badly bent

    Walter slammed the lid down fast

    Into the night she went.


    Slowly Clara woke

    And quickly was alert

    Memory still quite intact

    She feared she might be hurt

    Closed lids slowly opened

    Scraping eyes with dirt

    Focus landing hazily

    On Walter's bloodied shirt

    Panic searing back now

    Her body urged to flee

    No reaction from her legs

    Her eyes shot down to see

    Signaling her arms to help

    Her efforts to get free

    Nothing working, she can't move

    Pure immobility

    Peeling dry lips from the gum

    And working her throat clear

    Tries to speak, to ask him Why.

    Her eye lets loose a tear

    Feeling sick with terror as

    He turns to lean in near

    Thick scream building in her throat

    He whispers in her ear :

    Sweet and darling Clara

    You should not be awake

    I've finished for the most part,

    But have some left to take.

    Your limbs are true perfection

    And came off with a shake

    After the cuts were cauterized

    And each bone I did break

    Your velvet tongue was trying

    It took me quite a while

    Don't you fear though Clara

    Don't love you for your smile

    Teeth cracked out quite simply

    Remnants smoothed by file

    Vocal chords sliced tenderly

    You've stitches by the mile


    Walter's perfect fucctoy

    She wailed so silently

    Watched as Walter grabbed his shears

    From close proximity

    Silken strands of golden hair

    Hacked off quite hastily

    Clippers mowing to her scalp

    His razor swept cleanly

    Screaming for her mama

    And a God long forgot

    Clara hung from Walter's wall

    Her hook through a strong knot

    Shears replaced by brass handle

    Two sterile bolts he got

    Installation holes predrilled

    After the numbing shot

    Which must be wearing thin by now

    As hours since have passed

    Love handle screwed to gleaming head

    Her eyes now fully glassed

    But vital signs are looking good

    For years and years she'll last

    Stepping back to eye his prize

    Yes, this work's unsurpassed.

    Lube the tube and down her throat

    Her feeding guaranteed

    No need for a catheter

    Or s(ch)it-bag to impede

    Upon his freedom to make use

    Depending on his need

    Of each and every hole she has

    Oh phucc, he'll make her bleed!

    From his basement work table

    He pulls her royal gown

    A bag hand sewn from thick canvas

    He bought last week in town

    Sized just right with zippered front

    Two airholes, painted frown,

    She should be very comfortable

    Until the swelling's down.
  6. Standard member ChronicLeaky
    Don't Fear Me
    03 Jan '09 14:59
    The Wood of Humanity

    The cedars of Lebanon were known to be tall and straight
    The mustard plant of Jesus of much to make
    Kudzu on a hillside from the Orient
    Ash from Pennsylvania on baseball bats spent
    The grand oak that is run through a lathe
    The mahogany echoing the notes that are played
    The maple bearing the sweet sap of winter
    The swampy cypress grainy and full of splinters
    A small green fir pointing to the heavens
    Symbolic of the star which for all it beckons
    But my tree is broken at the top and holds no star
    A reminder of grace gone afar
    An ornament here an ornament there
    Masking the pain that I must bear
    Why is this tree talking to me?
    It is telling me I am its seed
    To grow in glory even in disfigurement
    Is this for me God’s covenant?
  7. Standard member ChronicLeaky
    Don't Fear Me
    03 Jan '09 15:00
    The beggar

    You sit down there a big disgrace
    a translucent look upon your face
    a bag of garbage to be swept away
    when next the cleaner comes your way
    and people smile as they pass you by
    and don't dare look 'case you catch their eye
    and they'll have to see this heap of trash
    and they're all quite sure you've got a stash
    somewhere ...
    And when that wheel of fortune spun
    and it turned right round and a starter's gun
    set off a crack! and a spark begun
    in someone's belly
    - a mass of jelly that grew and grew
    then out popped you -
    did you ask for this?
    I don't think so.
    You weren't to know.
  8. Standard member ChronicLeaky
    Don't Fear Me
    03 Jan '09 15:00
    The Blanket Out of Time and Space

    The Blanket Out of Time and Out of Space
    advances by degrees as it unrolls
    across the psychic sofa, then the face
    exposes, by the eyes' infected coals,
    the presence of the Blanket, and extols
    the flat or nauseous notions that replace
    and smother, sleeping, values, lusts and goals.

    The Blanket Out of Time, surrounds the space
    which heretofore the sleeper sought to fill
    with varied things the Blanket will replace:
    the Pillow of Love and the Duvet of Will,
    even Perceptual Linen, until,
    impossibly heavy reticular lace
    binds and renders all it clutches still.

    The Blanket Out of Time, as nearest Space
    can be conquered for a time by force of mind.
    Discipline and chemistry embrace;
    launch the sleeper in impeccably design'd
    spacecraft, sent to pierce the nets that bind!
    As funding fails the boldest rocket race,
    this mission never leaves the bed behind.

    The Blanket Out of Time, as deepest Space
    is to anthracite as black to white, in shade,
    and by this darkness often will efface
    the wretched vulgar rope and razorblade,
    until the sleeper's final card is played
    and the Blanket flies away without a trace
    and leaves the sleeper morbidly decayed.
  9. Standard member ChronicLeaky
    Don't Fear Me
    03 Jan '09 15:01
    Belgrade 1999

    Again the dreaded dark replaces day
    No children play. The city streets lie bare
    Wait for sirens' wails to show the way
    An awsome, threatening silence fills the air.

    Like rats from shattered homes they crawl
    Tired eyes made active, keen, awake
    Underground where lethal bombs can't fall
    A source of solace take.

    Is this a grave, a concrete tomb in which to die?
    As above the sound of thunder shakes the ground
    Counting hours and minutes, huddled close they lie
    In wonder if by daybreak they'll be found.

    Latch on, take aim, strike, a hit!
    The pilot's eyes shine with pride and joy
    A tyrant's stance may move, may shift a bit
    The cost? Another bloodied, orphaned boy.

    And when in time the missiles run their course
    The screaming stops, the wailing fades away
    Will we wait, pause, stop to seek a cause
    Or just rebuild to fight another day?
  10. Standard member ChronicLeaky
    Don't Fear Me
    03 Jan '09 15:03

    Legs pumping in rhythm I'm flying through the air
    pedals pushing the wind through my hair
    along the road like a thought

    Ignoring the mirrors she sits in comfort
    oblivious to all else but
    her wrong turns that took her there

    The open road and I'm flying through the air
    At peace and without a care
    till traffic approaches - a jam

    She's wondering Is this where I am,
    trying to read a scrawled map in a jam
    I'll turn around there

    Overtaking the cars I'm flying through the air
    the parked up drivers stop and stare
    and wish they weren't stuck

    She puts down her foot - such luck!
    I'm flying through the air - Oh FVCK!
    The wheel squeals round

    Flying through the air ... I'm on the ground
    There isn't a sound
    except the dull echo of a sickening thud

    Oblivion flickers like a worn out video
    The inside of an ambulance ... The fitting of an orAnge neck brace ..
    Fragments of faces and broken conversations ...
    Pain, X-rays and Cat scans ...
    Doctors and Nurses busy and efficient
    Being left alone ...
  11. Standard member ChronicLeaky
    Don't Fear Me
    03 Jan '09 15:04
    Inaugural Address

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye! One and All!
    My brothaz on the National Mall
    And all the white folks gathered ‘round,
    Mulatos too, half white, half brown…

    The White House, building of great fame
    Shall now be known by its new name –
    The Crib is what it will now be called
    There’s some new brown paint found on the walls

    Not graffiti, not vandalism
    But a portrait of the freshest presidentialism
    Who’s that brown face in the shiny gold frame?
    Barak Obama – remember the name

    Put in office by the BWA
    This shall go down as our proudest day
    Above all that our glorious clan has done
    Our proudest feat – a presidency won

    Things ‘round here is about to change
    No more Dixie, or Home on the Range
    America the Beautiful, a song way to whack
    Sing a new national anthem: America the Black!

    From this day on, year out and year in
    We shall be led by a man of great skin
    Pass the 40 around, on the ground we shall pour
    A few sips for the white presidents of yore.

    Brothaz hail Obama, straight from the Motherland!
    It’s a black thing, you wouldn’t understand
    If you too white, then I’m sure you won’t
    Better aks somebody if you don’t!
  12. Standard member ChronicLeaky
    Don't Fear Me
    03 Jan '09 15:05
    Many thanks to the entrants!

    Right, everyone, GET VOTING.
  13. Standard member ChronicLeaky
    Don't Fear Me
    03 Jan '09 18:08
    Ahem! Hold the votes, two other entries are now arriving!
  14. Standard member ChronicLeaky
    Don't Fear Me
    03 Jan '09 18:09

    Do you still love me
    though I am bursting, flamboyant and have odd numbered petals?
    Do you still love me
    though my fruit is fickle and my seeds runneth over?
    Do you still love me
    though my color varies quite unexpectedly?
    Do you still love me
    though my leaves are jagged like tiny little teeth?
    Do you still love me
    though my stem is miniature and unruly?
    Do you still love me
    though I only grow in rare and devoted sunlight?
    If so, you still love, then, let me drink.
  15. Standard member ChronicLeaky
    Don't Fear Me
    03 Jan '09 18:12
    The Visit

    I keep our kisses like pressed flowers

    I might trace them and risk turning

    delicate petals to dust.

    Yet I cannot.

    For kisses with you are a glory

    by which a tactile percussion renews

    and my mind washes with colors

    days and days curses clean.

    Every full moon or so

    desperate lover's entanglements

    restore nearly heartbreaking

    the fury of heat and rapture

    natural happiness singing sweet

    as love's strings render a lullaby

    and goodbye draws near again.

    Oh, Love!

    I drink you like wine

    the illumination of my spirit is paired only with yours

    I learnt that denial is my adversary

    this heart revived from deathly grasp

    my starry sky found its earth to admire.

    My ordinary world awaits a homecoming

    our hands hold on to ghostly fingertips

    my heart retreats to stasis

    my body to an insensate jewel

    Rejoin, my dear, to our next life.