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  1. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    10 Jun '17 22:241 edit

    "Gianforte gives $50,000 to press group as charges loom after assault of Guardian reporter"

    "Greg Gianforte to plead guilty for assaulting Guardian reporter"

    "Press groups ask Congress to investigate Greg Gianforte over body-slamming reporter"

    "“A member of the House hasn’t physically assaulted someone this severely since the civil war,
    and we are unaware of any historical precedent for a lawmaker beating up a reporter,”
    Gabe Rottman, Pen America’s Washington director, said in a statement. “While Rep Gianforte’s
    apology was necessary, it was hardly sufficient. Amid a climate of escalating hostility toward the press,
    it is essential for the House to send a clear message to its members and to the nation
    that hostile treatment of the press will not be tolerated or ignored.”"
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