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Debates Forum

  1. Standard member yo its me
    watch the acid...
    28 Dec '09 21:15 / 1 edit
    What's the story with Russia?
    They have the largest land mass, the most valuable assets; Gas, oil and diamonds. But...

    Courpt police.
    Imprisoned they're richest man ....for being rich?
    No idea about fire safty.
    And most importantly the sadest report on child crimes I've ever read;
    "Police registered 12,500 children as missing last year, while about 7,000 live on Moscow’s streets"

    When Africa/Iraq has been blead dry will attention turn to Russia?
  2. 29 Dec '09 03:50
    they are descended from Lost Vikings, who are very patriotic of theit nation.

    Kremlin is one of the world's most unique/astonishing architectural marvel.

    ruSSia have a lot of skinheads nowadays.