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    14 Mar '04
    20 Mar '15 18:29
    Originally posted by Seitse
    Gee, someone's wearing his cranky pants today, uh?
    If you're referring to me...well yes. I went outside this a.m. in my wool britches and fell into a puddle of semi frozen water. You know how itchy wet wool britches are and especially when the air temp is -6C? Well I managed to chafe my nether regions and yes I'm cranky as well as sore.😠
  2. Arch Stantons Grave
    04 Feb '11
    20 Mar '15 19:32
    Originally posted by Seitse
    O.k., I am visiting that exotic, far away land, and must ask a few pointers in order to make my trip as safe as possible. Only serious answers, please!

    1. Should I take with me the vaccine against bad AIDS?

    2. What if I don't like their meatball sandwiches, meatball soup, or meatball-filled meatballs.

    3. I dislike IKEA. Should I keep it to my self an ...[text shortened]... women from raping me?

    5. How can I avoid laughing at their carrot-like spray tans?

    Tramp aids is bad there.
    Don't give any tramps mouth to mouth if they are choking on their own vomit and definitely don't make love to them.
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