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  1. Subscriber Ponderable
    05 Sep '17 12:33
    Originally posted by @vandervelde
    Hurrah! My second-best result, but if I count self-killed threads I am No 1.
    And I think, Ponderable, that you're competing deliberately, by seeking lonesome, forgotten threads to euthanize in the dark of the night...
    I had one killed with the first post myself
  2. Standard member BongalloJoe
    Not Gone Yet
    30 Sep '17 04:21
    the thread's dead
  3. Subscriber Ponderable
    30 Sep '17 06:56
    Results for July 2017:

    50 threads killed

    Thread Killing Champ: wolfgang59 7 ( 14 % )

    runner up: sonhouse 6

    Joint 3rd: Great Big Stees and Ponderable 5

    also runs:

    3: Kewpie
    2: divegester, Shallow Blue, Bongallo Joe, HandyAndy, Captain Strange, Ghost of a Duke
    1: vandervelde, moonbus, Suzianne, Thunderrook, apathist, abejnood, Torunn, Very Rusty, FreakyKBH, Rus, FMF, Lakie

    Honourable mentions:
    nobody maganed to kill threads with 100+ posts
    vandervelde, snhouse and Ponderable managed to kill a thread with the first post.
  4. Subscriber Ponderable
    31 Oct '17 05:45
    Results for August 2017:

    Number of threads killed: 31

    Joint Thread killing champs: sonhouse and Very Rusty 4 each (12.6 % )

    Joint runners up: vandervelde and Ponderable 3 each.

    Also runs:
    2: moonbus, robbe carrobbie, Torunn
    1: Larkie, Captain Strange, wolfgang59, aranya10, GreatBigStees, ogb, Shallow Blue, abejnood, karoly aczel, Silverstriker,Kewpie

    Nobody managed to kill a thread with more than 100 posts.
    Larkie, sonhouse (2) and abejnood managed to kill threads withthe first post.
  5. Subscriber Ponderable
    05 Dec '17 09:07
    Results for September 2017:

    Number of threads killed: 49

    Thread killing champ: sonhouse 9 (18.4 % )

    Joint runners up: wolfgang59 and moonbus 5 each.

    Also runs:
    3: Very Rusty, Ponderable, divegester, josephw
    2: FMF, Torunn
    1:vandervelde, lemondrop, Kegge, HandyAndy, C J Horse, midelleon, Karoly Aczel, ogb, caissad4, Bongallo Joe, Paul A Roberts, JS357, whodey, Monty Moose

    Torunn (368) managed to kill a thread with more than 100 posts.
    sonhouse (3), FMF, vandervelde and wolfgang59 managed to kill threads with the first post.
  6. 05 Dec '17 09:45