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    01 Jul '04
    30 Jul '14 20:36
    Before you bring it up, yes, I'm aware that this has also been posted in the sports forum. However, given the transcendent nature of fantasy football (and the fact that there are likely to be some people who would be interested in joining the league but no longer frequent the sports forums), I have made the bold decision to post in the General Forum (the horror, the horror!). As such, here is the Sports Forum post below:

    Hi all,

    It's time.

    In a tradition dating back to 2006, the infancy of the relations between chess and fantasy football, we hearken back to the good ole' days while recognizing that we are about to make some more.

    Dynasties. Comebacks. Incredible feats of foresight. Ingenious insults.

    Welcome to RHP Fantasy Football 2014.

    Those who participated last year have first-dibs on signup spots. Currently, 7 of last year's 10 players have signed up (an email has been sent to the email you were using last year for the league-another reminder email will be sent for you three to renew your teams). However, this year we are expanding to 14 teams, so at least 4 spots are open. Post here (or message me) if you are interested in proving your multifaceted chess/FFB talents. Priority will be given to those who have participated in prior editions of fantasy football.

    Are you not entertained? Are you NOT ENTERTAINED? (You will be).

    (Mr. abejnood, he dead)
  2. SubscriberPonderable
    22 Apr '05
    01 Aug '14 21:20
    that's the link to the sports forum thread:

    Thread 160369

    You should give people the chance, you know 🙂