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Help Forum

  1. 05 Oct '09 18:41
    Hey, in this game:

    I'm trying to promote my pawn. Whenever I move him to the top row he remains a pawn, and I'm not given the option to select a new piece. This has happened before as well.

    He got to that column via an en passant attack. Not sure if this somehow affects the software.

    I'm not prepared to move him up, have him stay as a pawn and hit submit move because, that has happened in the past and the piece just remains a pawn all game.

  2. Subscriber jb70
    State of Confusion
    05 Oct '09 19:10
    After submit the option comes.
  3. Standard member Mariska Angela
    Nyuszi, golyó!
    05 Oct '09 19:20

    Please check this game, you have to submit move first, then it will ask you which piece you want to promote. I also did the en-passant move to make sure it is not a bug Game 6769455