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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 19 Mar '05 03:49
    I accept an invite and then i see the "delete" word. However, i made a move and the player replied with his move..... Is there a bug in the delete function or am I missing something???
  2. Standard member Maustrauser
    Lord Chook
    19 Mar '05 07:54
    You are given the option to delete the game until both of you have made three (?) moves.
  3. 20 Mar '05 02:47
    Ok... thanks......
    Now, how long do games stay listed on my displayed list? That is, I would to remove those games which are done, but I do not care to archive.
  4. Standard member Maustrauser
    Lord Chook
    20 Mar '05 04:11
    You cannot delete old games, only archive them. That's because every game (other than set piece games) are used to calculate people's ratings...your mistakes and victories are there forever!