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  1. 22 Oct '07 16:23
    Could anyone tell me the basic strategy behind the Austrian Attack in the Pirc?

    1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 g6 4.f4
  2. 22 Oct '07 16:49
    My (flawed) understanding is to try and play f5 cracking open the black king's pawn cover.
  3. 23 Oct '07 14:32
    Games are the best way of getting to know the resulting positions and ideas. (I don't have any).
    I also really think there are easier lines to play as white (150-attack etc).
    The lines are all very tactical and you simply has to "know" the moves, espesially if you play agains good opposition. Black also often diviates from the main lines. Black often knows the resulting positions better and white has numerus ways to go wrong. Still the austrian attack is probably whites best choice objectively. Look at for games by f.e. Joe Gallhanger, wich I think plays the position both with white and black!
  4. 23 Oct '07 14:50
    The main idea behind the Austrian attack is to exploit black's hypermodern development by grabbing more of the center and then launch an attack kingside or in the center with e4-e5. It's a very theoretical line. Personally I'd rather play the 150 attack as white, but I always hated facing it as black when my opponent had studied.