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  1. 09 Sep '06 02:50 / 1 edit
    Put your favorite chess book here!

    I really like Simple Chess by 'Micheal Stean'. It's not very big but it's got a great way of explaining chess strategies.

    Reuben's Fine 'The art of the middlegame' is great too but i think it's a little outdated.

    Silman's 'The amateur's mind' is pretty good for a club player, and it does a great job at correcting erroneous thought processes.

    What about you guys?
  2. 09 Sep '06 02:54
    All 6 of Yasser Seirwan Winning Chess Series books.

    He has 7 but I haven't read the newest one yet.

    Endgame Course by Bruce Pandolfini.

    Logical Chess Move by Move

    I'm sure there are other which I can't remember right now.
  3. 09 Sep '06 13:57
    i've played for years but never studied theory to improve my game. could anyone please recommend the best single comprehensive volume?
  4. 09 Sep '06 14:40
    Some of my top picks:

    Pandolfini's Weapons of Chess
    All the Yasser Seirwan books
    Logical Chess Mive by Move
    All the Jeremy Silman books
    Tal-Botnnivik 1960 *****
    The Search for Chess Perfection, Purdy ***** -just got this, and it's really good!

    For openings, I really like the "Starting Out" series. Just enough detail to get you playing an opening without trying to memorize tons of theory
  5. Subscriber Helder Octavio
    09 Sep '06 15:01

    'My System', Aaron Nimzovitch.
  6. Standard member HomerJSimpson
    Renouned Grob Killer
    09 Sep '06 16:19
    Heres a nice article of how to go from 1200 rating to master
  7. 09 Sep '06 20:46 / 1 edit
    8th Edition of Bilguer's Handbuch, circa 1916. Costs about a grand. My copy is getting a little dog-eared and I'd like another, but no one wants to reprint it.
    What's a person to do?
  8. 09 Sep '06 23:17
    pawn structure by andrew soltis is the best middle game ever made although it is very boring to read through the things you learn about it are priceless.
  9. 09 Sep '06 23:33
    Search for Chess Perfection by CJS Purdy. A biography, collection of his games and his magazine articles. You can dip into it anywhere and learn something; he writes clearly and simply. Doen't have to be read from the beginning.
  10. 10 Sep '06 02:33
    All the Yasser Seirawan books, Just the Facts, and The King in Jeopardy
  11. 14 Sep '06 21:38
    "The Art Of Attack in Chess" by Vladimir Vukovic.
  12. 15 Sep '06 01:23
    More at:
  13. 19 Sep '06 03:27 / 2 edits
    "Logical Chess Move by Move" (Chernev)
    "Guide to Good Chess" (Purdy)
    "500 Master Games of Chess" (Tartakower & DuMont)
    "Practical Chess Endings" (Chernev)
    "Encyclopedia of Chess Wisdom" (Schiller)

    Lastly, I recommend ANY chess book that has tactical puzzles for you to solve in it.
  14. Standard member Dragon Fire
    Lord of all beasts
    19 Sep '06 18:00
    A good general opening book is an essential guide.

    I have Batsfords Modern Chess Openings and Nunns Chess Openings and strongly favour the layout and ease of use of the former.