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  1. Standard member Agerg
    The 'edit'or
    02 Feb '11 22:39 / 1 edit
    I posted a poem a while back here and have written a follow up...don't know of any actual games that it would represent though :]

    From blackened wood and rusted metal,
    Black's king reborn has a score to settle.
    As shadows shiver, and the ground turns black,
    His line reforms for a new attack.

    With a hearty laugh and beaming grin,
    White's king expects another win.
    His forces rally, and eager for war,
    They do not wait - they charge e4.

    With lessons learnt blacks take g6,
    It is from the wings they'll weave their tricks.
    White pawns cheer and grab d4,
    Taking dominion over the middle floor.

    Black responds, again not violent,
    They push b6, slow and silent.
    To central squares white bishops race,
    Whilst behind their pawns black's take their place.

    More moves from white secure the centre,
    An imposing front black cannot enter.
    More moves from black are calm and steady,
    Hiding their schemes until they're ready.

    With both kings secure on the eastern side,
    White armies charge as blacks still hide.
    Black pawns break rank far to the west,
    and to kill them there is now white's quest.

    But for black's doomed pawns there comes no aid,
    It is towards the east black points its blade!
    and with white engaged so far from his king,
    Blacks now unleash their deadly sting.

    The killings stop, white forces panic,
    The roar from black is cruel and satanic.
    Those that have stayed to guard their lord,
    Are now too few to thwart the black horde.

    A sleeping queen white tries to bluff,
    To black this offering is not enough.
    With excited frenzy they break white's wall,
    and one by one white's pieces fall.

    The white king flees to avoid a mating,
    But outside his fort the blacks are waiting.
    They shepherd him towards their side,
    and on black's door is where he died.
  2. 03 Feb '11 01:27
    If there was a like button on RHP I'd hit it.
  3. Standard member ChessPraxis
    Cowboy From Hell
    03 Feb '11 01:31
    Originally posted by amolv06
    If there was a like button on RHP I'd hit it.
    I'll do it for you then. 😉
  4. 03 Feb '11 20:21
    Top poem that!
  5. Standard member Mathurine
    04 Feb '11 15:14