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  1. 10 Feb '10 23:43 / 1 edit
    I've just been looking at my history and my two longest games are with the people I know, indeed friends. Why?
    If I just knew them by sight - would that affect my play?
    If I dont' know the person I don't try any less - or do I?

    I'd be interested if anyone has the same results?
    Or has anyone met someone they'd been playing for ages before meeting them?

  2. 11 Feb '10 00:23
    All games are the same for me except when I play against attractive women.

    I lose those games.
  3. 11 Feb '10 01:51
    In blitz chess in coffee shops I play a bit differently against some players.
    Like if I know my opponent ignores my moves or fears my moves I can do sacrifices which they should accept {take and chuckle} but they don`t bother to even look at my moves or they assume I have a good reason for sacrificing.
    This allows me to accomplish seemingly impossible things since the opponent doesnt accept my sacrifices I can simply put a piece en prise and my opponent won`t take it which allows my piece to miraculously get to a square it wouldnt normally be able to reach.
  4. 11 Feb '10 02:29
    I play differently if I know which openings he's used to and stuff.
  5. Standard member Exuma
    11 Feb '10 08:46
    Absolutely. There are positions we have played through, analysis we have talked about, there is a history. I know people say play the board not the person, but its a lot of fun playing the person sometimes
  6. 11 Feb '10 12:43
    How can you not? Especially if it's someone you have analyzed games with before.
  7. 11 Feb '10 16:59
    Absolutely. For instance, against my dad I'll play Caro-Kahn or the French with black, and queen's pawn with white. I play these openings almost exclusively against him.
  8. Standard member thesonofsaul
    King of the Ashes
    11 Feb '10 20:31
    There is a definite psychological element in any chess game. Of course, if you know the person or even if you have watched them play a great deal you would know what phych-outs will help rescue you from a lost position.