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  1. 21 Apr '07 18:18
  2. 21 Apr '07 18:32
    how on earth can you follow those knights, boy?
    It's like one big heap.
    Actually: how many knights does one need to checkmate?
  3. 23 Apr '07 10:41
    Originally posted by Meneer Dries
    Actually: how many knights does one need to checkmate?[/b]
    Although in the endgame K+2N v K mate cannot be forced, by one of the quirks of the game, in a lot of K+2N v K+P endings it can. The stronger side has to set up what would be a stale-mate position if the Pawn was not present, then complete the mate after the weaker side has moved his Pawn. It is usually a long and intricate process, and at one time, (I think up to some time in the 1990's) the 'Fifty Move Rule' was extended to 75 moves because in many of the posi-tions it could not be completed in 50, but I don't know if this easing of the law is still permitted.
  4. Standard member ivan2908
    23 Apr '07 11:43
    Originally posted by taadi31
    Game 3382844.
    It just ain't right, dude. It looks sick and perverted