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  1. 06 Jan '07 18:03 / 1 edit
    What are games you are particularly proud of? Here's one where I thought I played well...

    Game 2938915
  2. Standard member MCA
    06 Jan '07 20:01
    Game 935026

    proud of this as my opponent was rated over 1700 at the time.
  3. Standard member Korch
    Chess Warrior
    06 Jan '07 20:51 / 1 edit
    From my games I very like these two.

    Game 2895940
    Game 2890423
  4. 06 Jan '07 21:59
    All of mine after Apr 05. Just messing around before that.
  5. 06 Jan '07 22:17
    The post that was quoted here has been removed
    I didn't take my chess seriously when I first join Rhp.

    It was meaningless like blitz to me. Then I saw the light.

    It wasn't like blitz, it was like OTB!
  6. 06 Jan '07 22:39
    Game 2377606

    not neccessarily the strongest opponent, but this game sticks in my mind
  7. 06 Jan '07 23:34
    Game 2932050

    Despite my poor tactical play, this game is weird in the sense that White's e pawn never moves! A rare occurence, I would certainly say.
  8. 06 Jan '07 23:42
  9. 06 Jan '07 23:49
    also congratulate YUG0slav's glorious win over me Game 2981139
  10. 07 Jan '07 00:33
    Probably not an impressive game to you guys but I liked it. I learned a bit and felt like I was improving by seeing my mistakes and some of his.
  11. Standard member Gatecrasher
    Whale watching
    07 Jan '07 01:40
    My favourite game from the 2006 final round.

    Game 2548749

    As Black, mustering a deadly force while White naps.
  12. 07 Jan '07 01:50
    I just got done playing this one.

    Game 2989961
  13. 07 Jan '07 03:35

    OTB from a few years ago. I got a lot of cooperation from my opponent as you can see. I spent around 20 minutes checking and re-checking before making the rook sacrifice on move 17. The way my opponent had been playing I doubted that he would see 17...c6. If he takes the rook as in the game it is not really a sacrifice as it wins by force.

    When I showed this game to Tim Mcgrew (chesscafe writer who tought me the BDG) he saw Rxf5 as soon as I had moved h5!

    I have a classic BDG 'swindle' that I like too. I will have to dig it up.
  14. 07 Jan '07 04:34
    The post that was quoted here has been removed
    He's Barbeleden, he doesn't need reasoning, but I do give the guy a cookie for 14. ...Bf2+!
  15. Standard member leisurelysloth
    Man of Steel
    07 Jan '07 05:44
    Game 2277262

    I thought this one had an interesting finish, with the queen rushing in to give checkmate with only a lowly pawn as her support.